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Introduction: Duct Tape Black Panther Mask

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Have you ever wanted a realistic looking black panther mask? Not like the ones at Target that only cover the front of your face!!! (https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwiGm7Sw1...)

Well don't go paying $199 for it on Etsy (https://www.google.com/aclk?sa=l&ai=DChcSEwiUu4-K1...) MAKE YOUR OWN!!! ☺

Step 1: Materials

  • Black Duct Tape (like 2 or 3 rolls)
  • Aluminum Tape/Aluminum Foil Tape
  • Card stock Paper

I was able to find all of these items at the 99cents Store (YAY!).

Step 2: Find a Good Template

You could easily create your own template using whatever cool softwares, but to save time, I just popped one off the internet. https://dali-lomo.blogspot.com/2016/05/black-panth...

The key to a good looking helmet is a good template. Props to Dali Lomo for a great template ;)

Step 3: Cut, Cut, Cut, And...Tape?

OK...if you listen to this tip, it'll make your life a whole lot easier.

It's a lot easier to cut the paper that already has tape on it than to cut the paper, tape it, then cut the tape off. I taped the back side of the paper first (the blank side), then cut it out (one side is covered now). Then, I taped over the other side and cut the excess tape.

Also make sure to keep your pieces organized. It really sucks when you lose a piece and have to re-print a page (I learned the hard way).

Step 4: Don't Suffocate (Drill Holes in the Mouthpiece)

I used a dremel and just drilled an array of tiny wholes in the mouthpiece. This will keep you from dying from lack of oxygen when you're saving Wakanda (WAKANDA FOREVER!). Last, tape it up. Fold the little wedges together and tape them. It should look like photo 2.

Step 5: Keep 'a Going

Tape the next parts of the mouthpiece. They should fit together like a puzzle piece.

Step 6: More Taping ☺

Pretty straight forward. Just tape the piece together. The little wedges in the piece should get taped right next to each other to form the curves and roundness.

Step 7: Put It Together

Tape your two pieces together. Once again, they should fit like a puzzle. Take a look at the picture for a clear visual.

Step 8: Who Nose What's Next

The nose is by far, the easiest piece to put together. Just tape the pieces together in the order they were on the page (told you to keep everything organized).

Step 9: It's Actually Starting to Look Like a Mask

A new piece has been introduced! I'm not really sure what to call it. Assemble the piece, then tape it to the mask. The nose should fit right in the middle.

(Note, in later steps, you will have to dissemble this piece from the back head rest. It makes it easier to assemble other pieces when it is taped though.)

Step 10: The Eye Pieces

Assemble the eyes then tape it onto the mask. Yep, it should fit like a puzzle.

Step 11: Tape on the Weird Polygon Shape

You guessed it; It should fit like a puzzle. (you may have to flip it, rotate it, or even trim it if it doesn't fit perfectly)

Step 12: More Weirdly Shaped Pieces

Assemble the piece. This one goes right above the eyes...and it should fit a puzzle...

Step 13: Assemble the Top

Yep, lots of taping to get those nice curves.

Step 14: Ears

Tape the pointy triangle pieces to the back of the head. They should look kinda like batman's ears.

Step 15: Cut the Back Open

Cut the tape holding the two pieces together so that the back is hanging open. Don't cut the piece off! Leave it partially taped to the sides!

Step 16: To TOP It Off

Tape the top part on. The bottom part of the ears should go into the space we cut in the last step. Last time; IT SHOULD FIT LIKE A PUZZLE!

Step 17: One More Piece

Tape this one on. Both sides. Super easy.

Step 18: Time for Those Super Cool Highlights (Optional)

Here's where the aluminum tape comes in.

Step 19: Be Super Tedious

I started with the nose. To form the silver lines, I just cut super thin strips from the tape and stuck it on in the desired pattern.

Step 20: More Pictures

It helps if you print up a picture of the mask for reference.

Step 21: Finished

Now go save the world or something.

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    That is really cool! Just using duct tape. Nice idea ;)