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Introduction: Duct Tape Boomerang

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I have been trying to make a really good boomerang for a while now. I have made successful wooden boomerangs, but they would always break after a few good hard hits on the pavement. So I decided that I would make a more resilient boomerang. This duct tape boomerang's strength lies in the fact that it can bend without hurting it (The whole bend, but not break thing.), and the fact that it is waterproof. This boomerang if given a proper through, and if made correctly will come back to you(unless it is too windy), although this may take some practice.

-Note 1-  This is not made out of 100 percent duct tape.
-Note 2- For this instructable it really helps if you already know how to throw a working boomerang
-Note 3- Works in little to no wind only.
-Note 4- In hot weather the boomerang often becomes quite flimsy, and will most likely not work

Step 1: Materials and Tools

You will need these three items,

-Duct Tape (I used colored duct tape)
-Flexible Cutting boards(you can buy a pack of three at wal-mart for 3-4 bucks, and each board can fit 4-5 boomerangs)

Step 2: Make an Outline for Your Boomerang and Cut It Out

Now you need to draw the outline for your boomerang. I have found that the L-shaped boomerangs work best. I would not make a boomerang bigger than the one in the pictures below. The angle isn't too important. I would say 50-110 degrees for the angle is good. Also you don't want to make the wings to thin. I do not have a scanner so I cannot put any of my outlines up on instructables. If you make a working outline please post it so I can put it in the instructable.

Step 3: Adding Duct Tape and Making the Airfoils

Start by adding one strip of duct tape across one of the wings, and do the same on the other wing. Now add the duct tape in the same way but on the back of the boomerang). Go ahead and cut off the excess duct tape. Keep on adding and cutting the duct tape until it is the desired thickness (this varies on the boomerang, however usually 2-3 layerst) of duct tape on either side 4-6 layers total will do it. To find out how thick you need it start by adding two layers of duct tape, and test it (see next step), if it ends up needing more just add more until it is perfect .(although in the pics the duct tape overlaps in the corner of the boomerang I have found out that having some of the layers not overlap helps to keep the boomerang lighter and better balanced thus improving its functionality)

Next bend the boomerangs wings to make the airfoils. See the picture with the orange and white striped boomerang to see which way to put the airfoils(The airfoils in the picture are for people who throw with their right hand. If you throw with your left hand just make all the airfoils go the other way)

Step 4: Testing

For this step it helps to have a experience throwing a working boomerang.

If your boomerang isn't working, it is probably one or a combination of these four things-

1- You aren't throwing it right (not putting the right amount of spin or/and power, throwing it at the wrong angle, etc.)
2- Your boomerang design isn't working (wings could be too small or to big, or it could be the shape or pattern.)
3- It is too heavy in which case remove some duct tape.
4- It is too light in which case add more duct tape

If it works however decorate(if you want) and have fun!!!

Step 5: Decorate -Optional-

Use different colored duct tapes and permanent markers to decorate your boomerang (see pictures)

Step 6: My Working Boomerangs.

Video coming soon.

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    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    Those are templates for mini boomerangs also heard them called micro-boomerangs. I have played with those and are quite a bit of fun. They are best made from thick card-stock I have found. See.. https://www.instructables.com/id/Boomerang-card/

    Not sure how duct tape would fair however for that design as the weight of the duct tape may not work well with the size. Could be something to try though.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    very nice is ther a way to make it just out of duct tape? ill respond to tell u if it worked with just duct tape


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    I have tried just duct tape, but I have never gotten it to work.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    i got it to work by just addin some cardboard paper and it works pretty wel thx for the great instructable keep it up