Duct Tape Bow

Introduction: Duct Tape Bow

Step 1: Materials

X-acto knife, cutting board, scissors, duct tape

Step 2: Roll the Tape Out

Roll your tape out about 6inches out

Step 3:

Step 4: Sticky Side Up

Face the tape sticky side up

Step 5: Fold Halfway

Fold the tape halfway towards the middle

Step 6: Fold Other Half

Fold the other side the rest of the way to cover up the sticky part

Step 7: Fold Accordion Style

Fold the piece long ways like an accordion

Step 8: Pinch It

Pinch the bow in the middle. Now you should start seeing the bow shape

Step 9: Tear Small Strip

Tear off a small strip and apply it to the part that you pinched

Step 10: DONE!

Hope you enjoy your lovely bow!

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