Introduction: Duct Tape Bow

About: ~Been duct taping for about 1 year • ~I hate bios ( now that's a true fact) • ~I'm obsessed with duct tape ( I have over 200 roles) • ~I don't sell or trade??? (for now)

Supplies You Will Need:
1. At least one role of duct tape
2. Xacto knife
3. Possibly scissors
4. Ruler
5. Lastly a cutting mat

Step 1: Making the Bow

First cut one strip of tape at 6in long and another one at 6 1/2 in long

Step 2: Making the Bow

Cut your 6 1/2 in strip at the 1 1/2 in and at the 1 3/4 mark and one SHOULD be smaller than the other

Step 3: Making the Bow

Set your two little strips aside for now.

So now what you do is flip up your 6 in piece over sticky side up

Step 4: Making the Bow

Then take your 6 1/2 in piece and put it right on top of your other piece MAKING SURE there IS sticky on top, bottom and on one side.

Step 5: Making the Bow

Then fold over all of the top and bottom but NOT on the side

Step 6: Making the Bow

Take your xacto knife and cut the sticky in a triangular shape and scrap the scraps

Step 7: Making the Bow

Now just fold over the other side onto the stickiness

Step 8: Making the Bow

Fold and crease the sides but make sure where you folded it over it is in the center

Step 9: Making the Bow

Now take your smaller strip and put it right on the seam in the middle and fold it all around your bow

Step 10: Making the Bow

Now crease your bow like this, it's kinda hard to explain in words

Step 11: Finishing the Bow

Just wrap your last strip around the middle

Step 12: Optional

You can puff out the sides this is what I like to do but you don't have to

Step 13: Optional

You can also puff it this way but I don't like to

Step 14:

NOW YOU ARE DONE!! Enjoy your bow