Introduction: Duct Tape Cleats for Ice, Snow or Play.

These field-tested SCOTCH TOUGH duct tape cleats performed better than I expected!  

They were easy to assemble and it felt like I was wearing hiking boots instead of tennis shoes. 

The last picture was taken of the soles after I walked a mile down a hard dirt road. Although some of the gravel cleats were exposed, no gravel was close to falling out. I have every confidence they'd hold up on ice, snow or on a playing field. 

You'll need duct tape, gravel, cardboard, scissors, a pen or pencil and a pair of shoes.

Trace the outline of the shoes onto the cardboard. 

Cut the cardboard about 1/2" inside the outline.

Wrap the duct tape (sticky side out) around the cardboard forms.

Put the duct tape forms on gravel. Step onto them and apply all of your weight.

Take the shoes off and pick off some of the gravel. (Remove the small and flat pieces) You need empty, no-gravel spaces for the duct tape to cover the gravel and still stick to itself. The height of the gravel should be fairly uniform. Work the tape loosely around the gravel, pushing the duct tape onto itself as you go.

Add another layer of duct tape, covering the cleated area.

Add more duct tape straps to the sole, attaching them strategically at the the arch, heel and toe.

Put your new cleated shoes on OUTSIDE. Whatever you do, DON'T wear them inside anybody's house.

Thanks for viewing my ible. 

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