Introduction: Duct Tape Dispenser-Ver. 2.0

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New and exciting!  I decided to take a few hours and make another (  duct tape dispenser.  I wanted to modify some of the aspects of the case, as well as make it more attractive. Hence, this instructable. This new version is lighter, more portable, and looks good, too! A cutting edge (hacksaw blade) has been added to the cross bar in front, so the dispenser is truly functional.

Step 1: Cut Main Body Piece

I just free form drew a shape that would become the main body piece.  It needs to be large enough to cover the duct tape roll, and a handle makes it easy to use.  Piece is cut on band saw.

Step 2: Cut Can to Size

Using my dremel tool with a cut-off wheel, I sliced a piece off of the 14oz. can as shown.

Step 3: A Side Piece, or Retainer Is Cut

To keep things on the light side, I opted to use 1/8in. masonite as the "retainer", which is cut out on the band saw as well.

Step 4: Cut Cross Bar Piece

I used the same plywood I made the main body piece out of for this. 

Step 5: Cut Hack Saw Piece, Drill and Attach

Here, I used a piece of hack saw blade as shown.  It is easy to break with pliers, and it is easy to drill holes in as well.

Step 6: All Parts Ready for Assembly

All pieces cut, and ready to assemble with a roll of tape.

Step 7: Decorate the Tape Dispenser

I decided to use black acrylic paint, to which I applied some flames made or cut from craft paper.  The flames are glued on with simple white glue.  After the whole thing is dry, paint with several coats of poly urethane varnish, and then we are ready to...

Step 8: Take Dispenser for a Test Drive.

Here I am tearing off a piece from the newly finished dispenser.  It works surprisingly well, and since it is truly portable, can be carried to the job site with no problems.  Also would be good to have at the campsite.

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