Duct Tape Dow Tie

Introduction: Duct Tape Dow Tie

Step 1: Supplies

Get some duct tape and sizers

Step 2: Roll Out

Roll out some duct tape make it long cause ur gunna have to fold it

Step 3: Fold

Ok so now that we've folded the duct tape you have to fold both sides to each other then wrap tape around them, so now UR gunna bend in the middle UR gunna bend out then in which will make the tie.

Step 4: Finished

Now get a medium sized pic of duct tape and make it long cause ur gunna have to fold this too, so make it long and fold it then put it in the back of ur tie and put a small pice of tape around ur tie and pic of tape. Now u have a tie!!! Hope u like it, please comment thanks!!

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