Duct Tape Frankenstein Halloween Bag

Introduction: Duct Tape Frankenstein Halloween Bag

People can spend lots of money and time on their halloween costumes so why waste all that on a lame treat bag? Well I'm showing you how to make a easy and affordable treat bag. The total time it took me to make was 15 minutes and only cost me $1 in total!

Step 1: Get Materials

The First step to make this adorable Halloween bag is to get these materials:

  • Green Duct Tape
  • Black Duct Tape
  • Cheap Tote Bag

Step 2: Cover the Bag in Green

To start off this bag you need to cover the tote bag in green duct tape, making sure to fold over the edges.

Step 3: Add a Black Stripe

Next, you need to add a strip of black duct tape along the top of the green bag.

Step 4: Add Hair

To add the hair to the bag you need to cut a piece of black duct tape that is longer than the width of the bag. Then cut triangles out of the bottom of the piece and add to bag right under the first black piece.

Step 5: Add Eyes

To add the eyes cut out 2 two inch circles out of the black duct tape and add to middle of the bag where th eeyes would go.

Step 6: Add Mouth

To add the mouth to the bag cut a piece of black that is about 5 inches and make it a half circle. Then add it under the eyes like so.

Step 7: Add Scar

To add the scar you need an exacto knife, these can be purchased at any craft store and are pretty inexpensive. To make the scar cut a piece of black about 7 inches long and cut in half, then cut little black pieces and place them horizontally across the original black piece, and your done! Then just add the scar on the bag like so.

Step 8: Then Your Done!

That's it! It's super easy once you get the hang of it, and you can also make any other design you want!

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