Introduction: Duct Tape "Jacob's Wallet"

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Almost two years ago I joined this great site of makers and about 3 months later I made my first instructable. Granted, my first couple were nothing great, just some 3D modeling but then I posted my first semi-successful (for me at the time) instructable: Cool Magic Duct Tape Wallet. It adapted the concept of a Jacob's Ladder children's toy, isolating a single unit and strapping money in between the cross sections. Having imbalance in the number of straps allowed the obvious visual difference when opened from one side to the other. To those unaware of its functionality, it seem like magic, how a dollar bill can just shift from under one strap to under two. Every time I make one of these someone new sees it and thinks its the coolest thing ever. So when the Duct Tape Challenge was announced I immediately thought of my previous creation, but realizing it must be made after the announcement date I decided to think up a second version and incorporate cards (as I've had requested).

Step 1: Materials


- Duct Tape (primary and accent colors)

- Card Stock

- Thin Plastic Sheet


Ruler, scissors and/ or X-acto knife.

**For best results fill the wallet with bills and cards**

Step 2: Cutting Base Shapes

Take your card stock paper and mark 3 rectangles with dimensions of 3" x 3 1/2". The extra half inch is to account for card length.

In one of the three rectangles, divide it into sections of 3: 3" x 1"; and 1: 3" x 1/2".

- Create tolerance in between the sections, 1/16" works well (1/32" on each side of the dividing line).

The 3" x 1" pieces will act as the straps to hold the money and the 3" x 1/2" piece will be attached to one side of the wallet and will just be a standoff to eliminate the gap that would be left from the elongated body.

Step 3: First Layer of Tape

- Straps: Cut strips of your accent color of duct tape (for mine it was gray) the same length as the straps (3"). Place the strap in the center lengthwise of the duct tape and fold each side to the top (there should be a small strip between the ends that remain visible). Repeat this process but place the visible strip side down to cover it with duct tape. Repeat the whole process for the other two strips.

- Body Pieces: Cut two strips the length of the body piece (3 1/2") of your primary duct tape color. These will be wrapped around the top and bottom edges. Next take a piece of duct tape twice as long as the length and starting at one end wrap the tape all the way around to hide the card stock on both sides.

- Standoff (Not Pictured): The same process used on the straps can be used for the standoff (use your primary duct tape color though), however you don't need to flip it over, one strip will cover the whole piece.

Step 4: Attaching Straps to Side One

This step is confusing to explain so refer to pictures for further explanation.

Connecting Tape: Begin by cutting 1" pieces of your accent color duct tape, and then cutting those in half so you have 1" x 1/2 width pieces. You need four of these for each strap.

Before you attach the pieces, you should know some things on placement:

-The straps must be all pushed to one side, there will be around a half of an inch left and the standoff should fit nicely there.

-The areas where to attach them should be alternated on each side, for each body piece there should be two outside straps on one side and the inside strap on the other side.

Lay the loose pieces down on one body piece, and lay one of the connecting pieces on one of the edges (alternating sides) and then wrap the connecting piece around to the back.

Open the straps up and place more connecting pieces on them to secure the inside.

To attach the standoff, cut a piece of your primary duct tape color 1/2" and wrap it completely around lengthwise relative to the standoff.

Step 5: Finishing Side One

Take a piece of your primary color duct tape and go around both sides along the long side edge, this should hide half of the connecting pieces. Then do the same thing for the other side.

Step 6: Attaching Straps to Side Two (And Finishing)

On this piece you will attach and finish the first half of this side and then you will attach the second half.

Use the same steps from attaching straps to side one to attach the edge with two straps on it to side two, finish it the same way by wrapping the primary color duct tape around the connecting pieces.

Fold the two sides and straps into position, the only thing left unattached should be the middle strap on side two.

Take your last two connecting pieces, attach, and finish the last strap. You need to gently lift the middle strap when open (on side two). Next place a strip of your primary color duct tape under the lifted strap and run it along the other side and back under the lifted strap from the opposite side you started from, this should hide the last connecting pieces.

Step 7: Card Holder

Next is to cut the plastic to use for the card holder. Trace one your cards onto the plastic and cut it out with scissors or an X-acto knife. A decent sized half circle should be cut out of the top of the plastic so you can
grip the cards with your thumb.

Three sides of the plastic will be attached to the main body, and the length of the duct tape used to attach it will vary depending on how many cards you plan on having in it. On mine I used 6 cards, so I took the thickness of 6 cards stacked together plus an additional 1/2" (1/4" on the plastic itself and 1/4" to attach to the main body).

So the inside doesn't stick together, you must put a thin piece of duct tape facing the sticky side of the primary color duct tape you used to attach the plastic. The thickness of this piece should be however many cards you are using thick. Place this right up against the plastic facing the sticky side of the tape you put on earlier, when you attach the whole thing (all three sides) you should place the stack of cards down and then the card holder (plastic with taped sides) on top of it and apply the tape to fit around the cards. Also you could put tape on the top edge the same way you did when applying the first layer of tape to side one.

If you are worried about the cards falling out you could add a strap. I chose not to because my cards fit snuggly in the holder.

Step 8: The Fruits of Your Labor

Now to test it! Place your bills in an open side, close and reopen from the opposite side. It should have "magically" appeared under either one or two of the straps. Close, and reopen Use this as a cool conversation starter, an interesting way to store your cash, and even use it to bet your friends which side it will appear under!

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