Introduction: Duct Tape Lily

This duct tape lily is a super simple variation on the classic duct tape rose. It’s pretty simple, but a little messier than the very symmetrical rose design as it requires gathering each of the petals as you attach them. It’s OK if it looks a little rough as you assemble it because the one of the last steps is to cover up all your folds with a single strip of long white tape that tightens and smooths your petal layers.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies.

You will need: colored duct tape (white, yellow, green); wire coat hanger; scissors; and wire cutters.

Step 2: Make the Stem of the Flower.

Using the coat hanger, cut a long and straight “stem” from one side of the hanger. Each coat hanger should make two “stems.”

Step 3: Make the Inner "pistil" of the Flower.

Cut a 2” segment of yellow duct tape. Cut into two strips lengthwise. Repeat twice to make a total of 3 pistils. Save the 4th strip, unfolded. Fold the corners of each strip to make a point at each of the ends.

Step 4: Make the First Pistil.

Take the first folded strip and wrap around the wire stem to make the innermost pistil.

Step 5: Make and Attach Two More Pistils.

Take the next two yellow strips (with pointed, folded ends) and wrap them around themselves, unattached to the flower (you will attach them later, with that random strip of yellow left behind). With the random 4th strip of yellow tape, attach the two pistils to the pistil anchored to the wire stem. You now have the center of your flower!

Step 6: Make the Petals of the Lily.

Now it’s time to make the white petals. Cut a 3” strip of white duct tape. Fold the corners lengthwise to make a wide point. Make sure to leave adequate tape exposed at the bottom to attach the petal to the stem. I like to make several petals at a time so that I can affix several in a row.

Step 7: Attach the Petals to the Stem.

Using the exposed sticky tape, affix the petal to the stem, holding it at an angle. Gather slightly the tape as you wrap it around the stem so that it is a little loose and the petal stands up and out. Repeat this process several times with 4-5 more petals. You can stagger your petals up around on the back to make a more “lily” like petal arrangement.  Once you have added all the petals, cover up the gathers on the backside of the flower with a couple strips of white cut super thin.

Step 8: Color/cover Your "stem."

Now that all your petals are made, you will want to make your stem green by wrapping it in thin strips of green duct tape. 

Step 9: Add Outer-leaves.

Now that your flower is done, add green tape to make the outer green leaves. You will make these these the exact same way you made the white petals. 

Step 10: It's All Done!!

A finished lily!  It may not be perfect, but you get the idea.  Mine tend to each turn out differently and I wind up using different numbers of petals depending on how the shape of the flower is coming along.  After a few, you'll get a feel for where to stick each petal to build the shape that you want... happy lily making!

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