Introduction: Duct Tape Makeup Stand Cum Jewelry Stand Valentine Gift.

In this instructable, I am presenting you a beautiful makeup stand cum jewelry stand using only duct tape and cling foil.

This will hardly take 10 minutes to create.

All of us are having footwear with us...obvious fact.. haha.

To create this beautiful stand from just duct tape i am using my heels to give it a same shape because my friend is crazy about high heels and i am going to gift this heel shaped makeup cum jewelry stand to her on this valentine day :) She will love it for sure!!

Step 1: Material Needed:

  1. Duct tape (any color)
  2. Cling foil
  3. scissors
  4. newspaper

Step 2: Take Any of Yours Heels for Shape.

Now, important point is take that take that heels whose shape u like the most.

I am here taking this piece because i like the shape of its pencil heel.

Step 3: Insert Newspaper Inside the Front of Sandal If Yours Is Open at the Front.(optional)

We need closed shape to make it a makeup cum jewelry stand so insert the newspaper puff inside the front part as shown if is open styled like mine.

Step 4: Place Sandal Over Piece of Cling Foil.

Take a piece of cling foil approximately double the length of sandal.

Place your sandal over this cling foil as shown.

Step 5: Wrap Outer Surface of Sandal With Cling Foil.

Now, start wrapping your sandal from its heel part.

Then cover the base and going from down towards up, wrap the boundaries of sandal from inside too as shown.


1. The outer surface of sandal must covered properly with cling foil.

2. The inner surface is not mandatory required to cover the whole surface but we need to cover the little edges from inside as shown so as to remove the covering safely at the end.

Step 6: Start Sticking the Small Pieces of Tape Over the Cling Foil All Over the Sandal Shape.

Take a piece of duct tape.
Stick it over the edge of your sandal where u wrapped the cling foil as shown.

Note: Stick the tape over foil wrapped part only and not to the Sandal's surface.

Repeat this process of taking small pieces of tape and stick them on to the foiled surface of whole sandal.

As you finished the first coat of tape over the full surface of sandal, you will get the little fine shape of cling foil wrapping over the sandal as shown.

Step 7: After Completion of First Coat of Duct Tape Over Foiled Surface of Sandal, You Will Get a Little Finished Shape.

In this, you can easily see the fine shape of sandal as compared to the initial shape of wrapped foil.

The heel part, base and the above aide edges and front round shape is clearly visible now after first coating of tape finished.

Step 8: After Completing the First Coat, Put Newspaper Inside the Sandal to Give a Hard Shape to Sandal.

After you finished sticking tape on little edges of inside of sandal, put newspaper puff inside the sandal to give a hard core for our foil and tape shape.

Step 9: Repeat This Duct Tape Coat for 4-5 Times.

Repeat the coatings of duct tape over foiled surface of sandal for minimum 4-5 times for good strength and thickness of our shape.

Note: you can repeat this coating for 6-7 times for much better strength and thickness of our product.

You will get the thick fine shape after repeated coatings as shown.

Step 10: Take Out the Newspaper Puffing Out.

Take out the newspaper puffing which we inserted later after completion of first coating.

Note: The initial puff of newspaper for shaping the heel part is not required to pull out.

Step 11: Cut the Foil From the Center of Sandal.

As we achieved the enough thickness of tape, now take the folded foil from inside the sandal out as shown and start cutting it from the middle of sandal as shown.

We are choosing cutting from middle part because middle part has no cure or cone or other complicated cut.

IMPORTANT NOTE: We need to cut the foil n tape part and not the original sandal.

Step 12: Pull Both the Parts Out of Sandal Very Gently.

Pull out both the upper and lower part out of sandal very gently as shown.

Just keep pulling the thick foil n tape part a little every time and you will be having both the parts out in a minute or two as shown.

Step 13: Trim Out the Extra Cling Foil From the Shape.

As depends on how much extra foil u rolled initially inside the sandal, trim out the extra foil (not the tape) as shown from the edges of sandal to get a fine shape of sandal.

Step 14: Tape Down the Trimmed Edges Towards Inside to Get a Clean Shape of Sandal.

Now, we need to stick 2-3 coatings of duct tape over the trimmed edges to get a clean upper portion of sandal.

If required, Tape the inner part of sandal with few tapes to press the cling foil on inner side.

Step 15: Stick Both the Parts Together to Get a Final Heel Shaped Product.

Tape both the upper and lower pieces of sandal together with 2-3 coatings of tape inside out.

This is our final shape as ' Heels ' for making it a makeup cum jewelry stand.

Note: you can paint this if u like, i would like to keep it as original :)

Step 16: TA-DA!! Use This Duct Tape Heels for Makeup Stand or Putting Your Jewelry or Whatever U Like :) As It Is Waterproof, Good Strength and Unbreakable Too ;)

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