Introduction: Duct Tape Map Case

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Don't you hate standing in the rain with your map melting? Well, those days are over with this new duct tape map case.


Duct Tape

Clear Packing Tape or Clear Contact Paper

Velcro (optional)


Step 1: Make the Back

Lay down a rectangle of Duct Tape (sticky side up), 2 inches larger on each side than your folded-up map. Put another layer of tape (sticky side down) on top of that.

Note: If you have wrinkles-do not worry. You can cut them with scissors and push it flat.

Step 2: Make the Cover

Lay down some clear packing tape (sticky side up) so that it is one inch bigger than your map. Then put a layer on top of that (sticky side down).

If you want you can replace the packing tape with contact paper.

Step 3: Attach All the Layers

Put your clear packing tape on top of the Duct tape and put a piece of Duct tape around all but one of the edges. Slide the map in the edge that you did not tape and voila!

If you want you can put velcro on the fourth edge to hold it shut.

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