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Introduction: Duct Tape Masks

About: Basically, I just really love duct tape and electronics. I've been fixing my broken electronic items since I was about 14 years old, and I've been obsessed with duct tape since I was 15.

Okay, so you must have duct tape everything by now, duct tape shoes, socks, gloved, laptop bags, jackets, everything. But the one thing you don't have, is a duct tape mask. The last bit of skin not yet covered by duct tape will be is you follow this.

It takes anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes, maybe more if you are a perfectionist, the white one in the photo below took and hour, because of the shape of the muzzle/nose it took a long time.

A lot of this instructible is based on YOUR imagination and designs just to let you know.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Very few things needed:
- Lots of cardboard
- Lots of duct tape (Colours you want your mask in)
- Making tape

And tools:
- Knife and/or scissors
- Cutting mat
- A pencil and a sharpie (Or any other marking pen)

Now you're set to make a mask!

Step 2: Designing the Mask

Basically, you've got to pick a shape of a head that you like. When you've found something that you like the look of, mess with the design a little more (Although it might not be clear enough to understand what went on in my mind, a basic idea is shown below) remember to put eye holes in somewhere, and maybe even a mouth hole.

Step 3: Getting the Idea to 'Stick' Out

Next, we grab a piece of cardboard and the pencil. Freehand your design onto the cardboard lightly, so you can make changes as you go, and make sure it is slightly larger than your head, otherwise the mask won't make much of a mask and people will see the skin you want to cover! I would suggest splitting the design into two halves and drawing the two parts seperate, that way covering the card will be easier, not to mention the fact that

Once the design is down on card, cut it out using a knife and/or scissors and arrange the cardboard in the correct way, in this example, I have followed my original design from the paper in the last step, do not worry about either side of the cardboard showing due to the fact of it will soon be covered in the duct tape.

Step 4: Cover in Tape

The name of the step explains it all, just grab the tape, cut to size and lay on.

Once you have done both parts to the mask and you are happy, it's best to go over once more, just so the old cardboard colour is completely covered.

Step 5: Join the Two Sides As One.

In this step, the idea is to create a 'spine' or a kind of backbone made of normal tape or masking tape, just follow the images below. Once the spine is created, use duct tape to cover, if on the front of the mask there would not be a problem covering the middle in tape, then do so. This just stops the mask from falling apart basically.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Now you can cover the back in duct tape just to make it pleasing on both sides of the mask and you can show it off when it's off your face.

You should also add a rubber band stapled to the mask, just so you can wear it without holding it, I have no images of this however, as I don't do this to my masks.

Step 7: You're Done!

Now go out into the big wide world with your duct tape face! You now have it all in duct tape!

Please post images of your very own duct tape masks when you're done! I'd love to see them.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    good ideas, this is begging to be the inspiration of something bigger! love the creativity, keep going!!!