Introduction: Duct Tape Nerf Holster

This is not the most reliable holster, but it is pretty simple and works well enough for starting nerfers. (If you are a big nerfer i would recommend buying an actual holster.

Step 1: The Materials

First of all, I want to apologize for the blurry and bad quality images. I did my best. Anyway, you are going to want to have :

- Duct tape

- Craft Foam

- A Nerf Gun (why else would you be making a Nerf holster)

- some scissors

Step 2: Cut the Tape

For this step, you want to cut tape in strips about the length of you gun from the tip to the trigger. Overlap the strips about a quarter of an inch. Use as many strips as you need to wrap around your blaster with only the bottom showing. Make sure you have no wrinkles in your tape as they make it harder to use.

Step 3: Cut the Foam

You want to start off by cutting your foam to the length of your tape. Then you want to cut it into strips about an inch wide. Make sure you have enough to cover your tape.

Step 4: Place the Foam on Your Tape

You want to line up your foam on the tape. It doesn't have to look perfect, it just has to cover all the tape.

Step 5: Put Some Straps On

I don't currently have any elastic, so i just used some foam and duct tape. You can use a small strip of foam and attach it with duct tape. Or if you would like you could use some elastic and sew it on.

Step 6: Test It

You should be pretty much done now. Test your holster and by putting your gun in. Like I said, it isn't the best holster, but it is a good temporary holster until you buy a real one.

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