Introduction: Duct Tape Organizer/Hanger

About: I'm just a sixteen(16) year old kid from somewhere that uses WAY too much Duct Tape. I just want to share my abilities and help you in some way possible.

Ever feel so unorganized in your work space? Do you have Duct Tape sticking all over the place and you just don't know what to do? Well, i did. Then I created the Duct Tape Organizer, guaranteed to solve all your unorganized Tape Needs. Simple to make, yet very useful in any work shop or garage. So if your like me, stay tuned for an opportunity to create your very own Duct Tape Organizer.

Step 1: What You Will Need

This is a very simple thing to create really and barely any effort is needed to create it. Alright, on to What You Need!

Quick List:
Cardboard(I used a scrap piece from a previous project)
Permanent Marker(Sharpie, perhaps)
Old Broom(Something you won't ever use again)
Hot Glue Gun(Remember to be careful)
Assorted Adhesive Tapes(My specialty is Duct Tape if you haven't noticed)

Step 2: Find Your Center

With your scrap of cardboard, cut out a circle(if not already such geometric shape)
Now, you must find your center of the cardboard circle.
My favorite technique is the Target spectacle style where I just cross on perpendicular sides and where ever the two lines meet is the center.
Once you got that done, pat yourself on the back. That was probably the hardest thing to do the entire time during this project.

Step 3: Taking Apart the Broom

In my project, I used a Plastic covered hollow metal tube broom. I used the broom specifically for its hook at the top, figuring I can probably hang this up somewhere and make it seem cooler than it really is. I simply snapped a decent size from the brush of the broom and cleaned up the sharp edges with the scissors. Now, because the model of broom I used, I felt the plastic on the outside of the metal tube might pose a threat to the Hot Glue. I took the scissors and cut off an Inch of plastic from the end around the tube.

Step 4: Introduce Elmer

Reminder: Anybody that will be using the Hot Glue Gun should be EXTREMELY careful. I can't stress this enough. Hot Glue can really hurt, and I don't want any of you guys hurting yourselves. I told you so, so don't even think about suing me.

Once you have heated up the Glue Gun, place the broom handle firmly in the center of your cardboard. The idea is to securely glue the handle to the cardboard. Just glue around the handle thick enough to where the cardboard won't rip off when your hanging your tape up.

Be a little cautious when you remove your hand from holding the handle. I'm sure most glues are different than others so I don't know how long it may take for you. My glue dried in about 1 1/2 minutes. Just don't touch of the glue, cause that would Royally suck. When you remove your hand, the handle should be able to stand by itself, and preferably straight up. Cause who wants a tower of Pisa keeping all their tapes organized.

Step 5: "Cleaning" Up the Project

Now that is done, you can officially use your new organizer. But who wants an unattractive looking organizer handling all your Duct Tape. You never know when the Woman(or Man) of your dreams may come and critique your Assorted Adhesives. Now, you wouldn't want that, now would you?

I used some of my white tape and taped up the Cardboard at the bottom, that way it didn't look TOO homemade. I like to add a touch of Professionalism to all my works. I stopped there, but why should you. Why not go as far as spray paint it to match all your other stuff you have in your work shop. Heck, diamond stud it for all I care. Just Have fun (and no, Hot Glue Gun fights are not recommended)

Well there...
You now have a new place to keep all your tapes nice and organized and not rolling all over the place. I'll be keeping mine in a corner in my Work Shop, but you could probably find some place to hang it up and make it seem cooler than it really is. Whatever you decide to do, just have fun with it. Make some cool design to go on it, make it all your own.

Stay Organized Duct Tape Fanatics!!!

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