Duct Tape Robot Apron

Introduction: Duct Tape Robot Apron

I realize that the title suggests that this might be an apron only for robots, rather than an apron for humans that happens to resemble a robot...

Fortunately, since it is adjustable, it can work for both! And the duct tape construction makes it waterproof and easy to clean.  Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

You Will Need

2” Duct tape: Black, White, Silver and Blue
Magnets (you could use velcro instead)
Crazy Glue
Measuring Tape
1” Hole Punch (depending on how picky you are about your circles)

Step 2: Body/Edging

Body and Head Pieces

Create double sided section of black tape, approximately 16x10.(go about half waist size in length).

Create another section for the head about 12x6.

Trim to even out rectangles


Body: Edge with white tape around all sides and round the corners.

Head: Edge top and sides with white tape and leave small tabs at top.

Attach head and body with white tape

Step 3: Pleats

Form Pleats

Lay down one piece of tape and lay another on top offsetting by 1/4 inch.

Fold over one side

Repeat with alternate color and set the folder egde of the second strip on top of the first (using the unfolded side of the first strip to stcik to the second).

Repeat until desired width - same as width of body section.  I this case, that took 28 strips.

Use black duct tape across the top of the peice to fasten pleats together at an additional point.

Once full width is reached and all pleats are secured, trim bottom of skirt

Step 4: Eyes

Create Eyes

Fold over silver tape and punch out two holes

Fold over blue tape and cut out 2 inch strips

Glue one end of the blue strips down to the silver circles

Fold glue strips in half to create eyelashes and glue down ends (this assumes a lady robot)

Glue eyes to to head

Step 5: Strap

Neck Strap

Fold silver tape in thirds and attach to head at antenna tabs.

Rather than try to fold over the whole piece at once, I did it in 3 – 4 inch sections, taping them to the last one as I went along.  I kept getting the tape stuck to itself in unintended and irreparable ways when I tried using longer pieces.

Strap length = 18 inches.  You may also want to make this part adjustable using magnets or Velcro.

Step 6: Belt

And Now for the Belt

Attach pleats to body with silver tape on the front and back.
Add sections of silver tape to create the belt. Create belt the same way as the pleats, but fold over both sides and attach to previous section.

To secure apron I used magnets, but Velcro would be a good option as well. I just folded magnets into silver tape and attached to the waist and the corresponding magnets were attached to the end of the belt.  Add as many magnets as degree of adjustability you would like.

Now you have an awesome robot apron...time to go cook something (or have your robot cook for you).


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