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Introduction: Duct Tape Rose Pen Bouquet

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Fall is here and the beautiful autumn colors along with Halloween has inspired me to create these beautiful bouquet of roses.

They are perfect for the Thanksgiving table.

If you like this DIY, please check out this cute Duct Tape Turkey which is also made out of duct tape. I will complete a DIY for this video later this month.

You can also watch the tutorial for the Duct Tape Rose Pen Bouquet below.


2 duct tape rolls of your choice (floral petals and color for the stem)

6-9 pens

scissors (preferably titanium/ nonstick)

A pail, bottle, or vase to hold the roses

Step 1: Center Cover and Making Petals

Cut a small square to cover the bottom of the pen.

Next you will need to create the petals. Roll out a small portion of duct tape and fold down the corners of the tape to the center so that it created a triangle. Cut the petal off the tape roll at about an inch below the lowest part of the fold. At the tip, cut a curved corner off for the curvature of the petal. Make about 12 petals.

Step 2: Adding the First Petal

At the center bottom of the petal, slightly pinch the petal to create it's curve.

Wrap the petal near the top of the pen. The top of the petal should be about half an inch above the tip of the pen.

At the bottom of the petal make sure to apply pressure so that it will stick properly.

Step 3: Finishing the Petals

Continue to add petals to the pen. In the first layer, you typically do 2 petals. In the next layer you can do 3-4 petals. In the last layer, you do anywhere from 4 to 5. Each rose is different so create it organically.

Step 4: The Top of the Stem

Cut a 1 3/4 inch piece of brown duct tape. Cut deep Vs into the side of one. It resemble a crown.

Add the brown piece to the bottom of the petals. Roll the brown tape all the way around the bottom of the petals.

Step 5: Adding the Stem and Completing the Bouquet

Cut a brown piece of duct tape a long enough to cover the shaft of the pen while still saving room for the top of the pen to close. For this pen is as about 3 inches.

Wrap the brown piece tightly around the pen. There will be some wrinkled texture for the stem.

To make the bouquet, make enough roses to cover the vase or bucket you will use to hold these pen.

Have fun and try different color or designed duct tape for more unique looks.

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