Duct Tape Smoke Pack With Viewport Hack



Introduction: Duct Tape Smoke Pack With Viewport Hack

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Turn a normal smoke pack into a permanent case with a viewport using some duct tape and an old cell phone screen protector.
1- Empty Smoke Pack (preferrably undamaged)
3ft- Duct Tape
1- Cell Phone Screen Protector (or a clear thin piece of plastic)
1- Knife/blade
1- Scissors
1- Pen/Pencil or Marker

Step 1: Draw Horizontal Cut Lines

Use the insert folded over the top/bottom of the pack as a ruler to draw horizontal lines across the front of the pack.

Step 2: Draw Verticle Cut Lines

Draw verticle lines about half an inch from the edges on the front of the pack.

Step 3: Create Mini Cutting Board

Fold the insert in half twice to use as a cutting board and place inside the pack (so that you don't cut through both sides when cutting the viewport)

Step 4: Cut Viewport

Cut along the lines you drew leaving a rectangle hole in the front of the pack.

Step 5: Shape Window Pane

Take your used screen protector and cut it down to the size of one width of the front of the pack.

Step 6: Begin Taping

Using a full width single piece of duct tape- start at the side of the pack and run horizontal across the back of the pack and around the other edge then cut.

Step 7: Split Duct Tape

Measure out roughly 2 and 1/2 widths of the smoke pack worth of duct tape. Then rip or cut the duct tape down the middle lengthwise. You will be using both lengths, keep them.

Step 8: Tape Top Edge (Secure Window)

Place your used screen protector evenly over the rectangle hole in the front of the pack with the sticky side of the protector facing in. Take one half of the split duct tape and place horizontally in line with the edge of the viewport over the screen protector and all the way around then cut. Make sure the rough edge faces outwards, we'll deal with that later.

Step 9: Tape Bottom Edge

Same as the previous step except reversed for the lower section. Still, leave the rough edges.

Step 10: Tape Side Edge

Using a full width of duct tape slightly longer than the smoke pack height, place along the verticle edge of the viewport (over the screen protector) and then wrap around the side and back. Leave rough edges.

Step 11: Tape Other Side Edge

Repeat previous step on other side edge.

Step 12: Finishing Touches

Using scissors, cut the excess duct tape off of the top and bottom, following the edges of the cardboard pack underneath.

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