Introduction: Duct Tape Throw Pillow

Looking for a craft to spruce up your place? look no further! The Duct Tape Throw Pillow will be an amazing conversation piece! your friends will be in awe of your ductability!

Step 1: Duct Tape Sheets

Start with making a big sheet of duct tape. To do this take a strip of tape about 18 inches long and lay it sticky side up, then grab another strip to cover the sticky side and only overlap it half way. Grab another strip to cover the other side, then flip over the whole piece and cover the sticky sides again. once you get the desired width ,then fold over the edges.

Next trim the edges and mark the corners with a Sharpe and coffee lid to make rounded corners. Then make marks 3/4 inch apart and 1/2 in depth all the way around. Now make holes all the way around with a paper hole punch, mine was cheap so it could only punch through one sheet at a time. I also marked my hole punch at a half inch to make it easier to get the right depth all the way around.

Step 2: Duct Tape Rope

To make the "thread/rope" take a strip about 3 feet long and lay it sticky side up. Grab another strip to cover the sticky side, then cover both sides with colored tape. So overall thickness is 4 strips.

Now to cut it you must be CAREFUL! I suggest wearing a thick leather glove on your hand that will hold the ruler, just in case your knife slips. Cutting one foot at a time use your ruler as a guide for your exacto knife, make the strips about a 1/4 thick.

Step 3: Decoration

Find a picture of a silhouette and print it out. Place the color tape on a cutting board sticky side down with a little overlap of the strips. Use double sided tape and put the picture on the tape and use an exacto knife to cut out the template. The next part is hard... carefully remove the silhouette from the cutting board, I used the knife tip to pick up the edges to start with. Then move the image over to the sheet, and try not to let it collapse on itself and you may only get one shot at getting it right, so take your time your time and visualize it before doing it.

Step 4: Sewing It Together

Start threading your rope all the way around through the holes, just tape the segments together to keep it going. Leave a spot for the stuffing. To make the stuffing take strips about a foot long and crumple them up, this is a perfect time to use up your least favorite duct tape and any scraps lying around. Fill the pillow up to a uniform thickness of about 3 inches, make sure that you don't have any voids inside. Then finish stitching it closed.

Now sit back and enjoy your handy work!

Step 5: