Duct Tape Tool Roll



Introduction: Duct Tape Tool Roll

This here is 100 percent Duct tape! I made it to solve a problem I had. I was keeping all my crafting tools in a bag with all my duct tape on top of them. It became difficult to find the right tool and time consuming. The other problem is tool rolls never had the configuration for the tools I actually use. Thus my custom tool roll is born! There is plenty of room for improvement and expansion which I will add to my next one, and for now here you go! I made this for you!

Step 1: Duct Tape Sheets, Not Bed Sheets

Making sheets of duct tape, tear off a piece of duct tape to about 26 inches for this project. lay it sticky side up. Tear off another strip the same length and lay it halfway across the previous one and make the sticky sides bond to each other. Next do it to the other side, completely cover the sticky side and overlap the non sticky piece by about an eighth of an inch or 3 mm or so. Then flip the whole piece over and continue to cover the sticky side til you get the desired width. Fold the edges over starting from the middle to the sides.

Make the sheet thicker by adding a layer of duct tape to each side of the sheet, in the photos i show adding them at 90 degrees of the first layer. I have found out since making this that it doesn't make it any stronger, so I just keep adding layers in parallel to the others. This makes it less flimsy.

Now we need to make another one, just a bit longer and only 5 to 6 inches wide.

Two sheets should be done at this step.

1st sheet 26 inches wide by 13 inches tall

2nd sheet about 30 inches wide by 5 to 6 inches wide.

Step 2: Starry Night

And now to make it appealing to the eye... once you got your 4 layer big sheet start adding strips of the color(s) you want. On the first and last strip leave enough room to fold over the edge .

Step 3: Trimming the Excess

Here we will trim the ends off. I don't have pictures of the galaxy tape on it, however you'll do this step after putting on the final layer. I used a pair of heavy scissors to trim off the edges.

Step 4: Duct Tape String

This is just like making a sheet of duct tape except you stack the layers on top of each other. Rip off a strip around a yard/meter long lay it stick side up. Then take another strip and lay it on top of the first, sticky sides making contact, make it 4 layers thick,

Pro Tip, don't hold the tape tight when laying it down, instead let it droop a little. Let the middle make contact first then lower the ends.

Next cut the piece in strips length wise about 3-4 mm wide or just about 1/4 inch wide strips.

Step 5: Tool Sizing

Now we have to hand sew these 2 pieces together, but finding a needle proved to be futile ;) To make the holes I cut tiny slits where I wanted to thread my string. I would mark out the tool I wanted there with the tool there, then cut the slits and thread it up. This step took awhile but allowed me to build a custom tool roll specifically for the tools I wanted to be handy, which in this case was the tools I use to craft duct tape.

Step 6: Final Thoughts

After using it for awhile now, I would make it about 14 to 16 inches tall to allow space on the top for more tools. Its held up excellently. I would also leave and inch or two space between the tools to actually make it easier to roll. I might even add flaps to the top and bottom to keep the tools in better when traveling . I think I will add a clasp or something to secure it closed. I was just using a strip of duct tape, that just doesn't cut it when you use it often. And of course it will be duct tape.

Thank you for taking the time to look at this!

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