Introduction: Duct Tape Top Hat

This is a Top Hat made out of duct tape (100%) I used packing tape on this instructable, but I have made a couple out of just duct tape, so it is very possible to do it with just duct tape. Another thing, this is my first instructable, so bear with me. Thanks, and I hope that this helps you.

Step 1: Getting the Supplies.

Ok. Let's get the supplies. What you will need is:

A duct tape roll (it can be colored, it's really your choice)
A pen
An X-Acto Knife or Scissors (I prefer the X-Acto Knife)
And a Cutting Board

Step 2: Measuring Your Head.

Ok. Now that we have the supplies, lets get started. First measure your head. Then you add an inch or two, and cut it. Make more of the same sized strip, make about 9 or 10, the more you use the taller your hat will be.

Step 3: Making the Sheet.

Ok. Moving on. Now that you have the 10 measured head sized pieces of tape, now we are going to make a sheet. Ok. The first step of making a sheet is, take one of the pieces and put it sticky side up on your work space, then you take another piece and lay it sticky side down half way in the middle of the piece with the sticky side up. There should be one half of a sticky side left, I want you to fold it down. Then flip it over and repeat the process until you are out of strips, then when you are out, you will have the sticky side left, take the sticky side and fold it down to the non sticky side like you did at the beginning of the sheet.

Step 4: Time for Trimmin'

Ok, Now that you have the sheet done, get your cutting board out and your X-Acto Knife, and trim off the excess adhesive parts.

Step 5: Getting the Sides of the Hat Ready

Ok now that your sheet is all trimmed and ready to go, lets put it around your head and tape it together, you want it to be just a slight bit loose that way it will slide on and off easily.

Step 6: Making the Top and the Bottom of the Hat.

Ok, now what you do is you take your cylinder part of your hat and measure a piece of tape and lay it down on your work space. once you have your measured piece of tape, measure and make 14 more of those (+ or - a couple). Then, again you want to make another sheet. Make sure that you check your cylinder and your sheet to see if it fits well. You want like an inch out from all sides of the hat

Step 7: Making the Top of the Hat.

Ok, now that you have your second sheet, what you wanna do is trim the excess sticky sides, then trace the cylinder on the sheet and cut it out. then make 15 little strips of duct tape (by little strips I mean like 2" long pieces). then with the cut out pice of the middle, take a couple of the 2" pieces and place them spaced out along the sides. then take like 4 or 5 of the strips and cut them in half. take them and put them spaced out again except inside of the excess of the circle.

Step 8:

Step 9: Finishing Up

Ok, now with those two pieces with tape on them and put them on the cylinder, and tape it down. Now when you have everything taped on, you want to round off the brim. So take your X-Acto Knife and cut off as much as you want , in fact you don't even have cut any of it. You can tape up some of the cracks if you want. CONGRATULATIONS!! You have just made a hat 100% out of duct tape. I hoped you enjoyed it, comment and rate. Thank you.