Introduction: Duct Tape Top Tips - Duct Tape Felt Frame

This instructable is for people who know the basics in duct tape and are looking for easier ways to make the ever amazing versatile substance and material known as duct tape felt or strips. Any good duct tape artist knows that make long sheets of duct tape is anything but easy. This makes it not only easier but fast as well.

Step 1: Things You Need

I used erector pieces that were very old in this project. However, I would not sudgest using such an expensive material in this project. A good substitute would be thin hardwood, new erector, or even rulers. 

4 small nuts and bolts

4 pieces of wood, erector, or maybe plastic (not sure about this one. I have only ever used erector)

If you aren't using erector you may also need a drill to make holes at the end of each piece.

Step 2: Step 1 - the Square

After drilling any holes you might need align the four pieces in a square formation. Remember to make sure that all of the holes in the Pieces line up correctly.

Step 3: Step 2 - the Screws and the Finish

Once everything is aligned start to add the nuts and bolts to each hole. The important thing to remember in this step is that every screw must be facing the same direction. Now your frame is complete and the way it works you just put duct tape on one side and move down a row and keep adding strips. When one side is covered flip the frame and complete the other side. For those of you using erector on this project you can use  or erector to make as big a frame as you want. Thank you for reading! Tell me what else I should make out of duct tape (realisticly) in the comment section below this instruction.