Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet

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Okie so I used my owl duct tape but there are so many different patterns this is a bi fold

Step 1: Things U Need

Duct tape Exacto MONEY!!!!!

Step 2: Body or Billfold

Make two sheets of tape and tape together on sides and bottom sheets need to be just about four inches

Step 3: Pockets

For pockets cut tape that is 2-3 in u will need 8 strips

Step 4: Trim

Take your pockets and the second color of tape cut two strips if tape that are 2 in long and cut in half attach by putting on half of the tape like so

Step 5: Hidden Pockets and Attaching

To make and attach the pockets put two strips on top if each other and tape on back like this

Step 6: Done

It should look like this when its done!!

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