Duct Tape Wallet (how To)

Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet (how To)

     This is my first instructable, so please no harsh comments below. This is a great project for those who have just realized the greatness that is duct tape. This project can be done in less then a hour, and if done corectely will look professional. Sorry for some burly photos.

Step 1: Materials

You will need,
1. Duct Tape (color of your liking)
2. ID Card (for measuring)
3. Measuring Tape
4. Scissors
5. Razor/Exacto Knife
6. Cutting Board

Not Shown
1. A Straight edge
2. Other colors of tape (optanial)

Step 2: Body #1

      Make a sheet of duct tape that measures 7"x 8.5".

Step 3: Body #2

     Flip over the sheet of duct tape and cover that side in duct tape to. On the 8.5" stick a piece of duct tape that is half-way on the sheet and half-way off. Repeat on other side. Fold the tags in.

Step 4: Tape Sides

     Fold your sheet (the long way) of duct tape in half and tape the sides shut. Pretty self explanatory.

Step 5: Pockets (left Side) #1

     These pockets hold your credit cards and gift cards. Put a Strip of  duct tape down, with the card on it. Cut the stripe a little leeway on both sides. I found that 10cm is a good length.
You will need 2: 10cm strips for each pocket.

Step 6: Pockets (left Side) #2

     Take the stripes and put them together with about 1/5 of a strip sticking out on both sides. Fold over one of the tabs and attatch the other to the bottem of the wallet. Repeat, but moving up a little farther every pocket. Cut a pice of tape in half and seal the end of the pockets.

Step 7: ID Pocket (right Side)

     This pocket will hold your driver licence or ID card. Take two strips of tape and tape them together to make it tall as the wallet and how long the right side of the wallet is. Take another two stripss, a bit smaller the the card itself and put on the sheet. Attach to wallet.

Step 8: Enjoy!

     You have just made a awesome duct tape wallet. Decorations if you wish or just keep it simple. If anything was unclear leave me a message and i'll try to clarify it to you. Once again this was my first instructable. Thank you!

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    10 years ago on Step 2

    how wide is the duct roll