Introduction: Duct Tape PocketMod Wallet/Cover

This a duct tape wallet or cover for PocketMods.

Duct tape
Paper Cutter
Cutting board (non-stick)

Step 1: Basic Structure

Cut the piece of paper as shown below.

Step 2: Cover in Duct Tape

Layer and cut pieces of duct tape into sections (sizes are below).

Step 3: Cover in Duct Tape

Cover the paper in duct tape in the following order:
Cover the outside. Notice the overhanging duct tape on both sides (picture 1)? Fold it over (picture 2).

Cover the inside (picture 3).

Cover the flaps (picture 4). I only covered one side because they had to be thin.

Don't use to much tape! If you do it won't fold well.

Step 4: Adding the Rubber Band

I used cheap 99 cent rubber bands that fit perfectly. Feel free to use whatever you want.

Cut two pieces of duct tape 4" and 6" long (picture 1).

Put the rubber band around the wallet/cover where you want it to go (picture 2).

Put the 4" strip of duct tape across the rubber band on the back (picture 3).

Put the 6" strip of duct tape across the rubber band but keep the overhang.

Open the wallet/cover but keep the rubber band across the flaps (picture 4).

Cut the overhang where it meets the rubber band and were it meets the edge of the flap (picture 5).

Fold the duct tape up one section at a time but don't overlap the rubber band or flap (picture 6).

Step 5: Inserting Your PocketMod

Unfortunately you can't access the back page but depending on how you modify it this can be changed (see next steps).

Unfold your PocketMod.

insert the bottom flap into the left side of the middle slit (picture 1).

Fold over the top slit.

Refold your PocketMod around the flaps (picture 2).

Step 6: Modification 1: Pocket

You can make the flaps into a pocket for your PocketMods by adding a strap between the two flaps and putting a bottom on the pocket.

Step 7: Modification 2: Strap

You can add a strap for holding more PocketMods by putting a piece of duct tape on the back of another and putting it on the left side of your wallet/cover. The rubber band will hold these in while closed.

Step 8: Other Modifications

If you have other modifications to add leave a comment under mine and I will add them when I get a chance. I will also add modifications as I come up with them.