Introduction: Duct Tape Camp Chair

This is an easy way to build a camp chair. all you need is a roll of duct tape and four straight branches! The chair is also very comfortable, which is important if you plan on using it for an extended amount of time. The chair is also very stable, so it's not going to fold when you sit on it.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

First of all you need four straight branches. Make sure that you trust the branches to hold your weight. You will also need duct tape (obviously!) and a saw. optional tools include: An ax, a hatchet, and a knife. I used all of these tools in my build.  

Step 2: Legs

The first real step is to cut off any protruding branches. Once this is done you can determine the angle that you want to have for the chair back. Then hold two of the branches at this angle. Then tape the joint where the branches cross, make absolutely sure that it is strong. A little tip. Duct tape doesn't stick to wood very well, so wrap the tape around the branch and put the sticky sides together. This will make it much stronger. I also added a brace, which I made out of tape, to the bottom to keep the legs from spreading.

Step 3: Making the Frame

Now you need to make the frame. This is why the legs look the way they do. The first step is to tape the top and bottom of the leg pieces to each other. Then I added a cross bar to add structural stability. Again this keeps the chair from folding when you sit on it.

Step 4: Make the Seat

The last step is to add the strips of tape that make the seat. Again, when you tape, make sure that you wrap the tape around the wood and secure the sticky side back to itself. This has the added benefit of making the seat even stronger. I used three strips of tape (because I ran out)  and it is quite comfortable but using more tape would make it more comfortable. I also put a piece of tape on the back.

Step 5: Finished

That is how I make a simple camp chair. The entire build took me about fifteen minutes which is not too bad if you are camping. The chair is also very stable which is nice. Thank you for reading my instructable I hope that you found it helpful. 

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