Duct Tape Fluff and Pet Hair Remover




Introduction: Duct Tape Fluff and Pet Hair Remover

If you own a dog or cat, then you would probably know that they shed hair and sooner or later there hair would be everywhere.

Vacuuming removes most of the hair but there will still be left on your clothes, sofa, etc.

Using the stickiness of  duct tape all those hair and small fluffs can be removed with a simple duct tape roller.    

Step 1: This Is What You Need.

To make the roller, you will need the following items

- Stiff steel wire.
- Wooden dowel or broomstick handle
- Double sided tape
- 2 25mm wood screws
- Duct tape

and you would also be needing some tools

- Screwdriver to fit your screws
- Needle nose pliers
- Sharp knife (not shown)
- Saw
- Ruler
- Pencil

Step 2: Keep on Rollin'

I am making my roller out of a 45mm piece of wooden dowel since it was to my disposal. A broomstick handle will also work but will clog up a lot faster since there are a lot less exposed area on the duct tape.

Start by adding a layer of duct tape completely around the dowel. This will give you the precise width of the duct tape and nice surface for the double side tape to stick on.

Once this was done, the dowel can shortened by cutting the tips off.

The last step is to add the screws where the roller are to be attached to the handle.
The center can be found by using the ruler and measuring the distance across and halving it a few times. Once the center is found drive the screws into the dowel.

Adding the screws into dowel at this point will save a lot of hassle once the tape is on the roller.

Step 3: To Get the Handel on Things.

I decided to make they handle out of  2mm galvanized steel wire since it was fast and easy. You are welcome to improvise.

Start by cutting a piece of about 350mm long. To avoid flexing of the wire, a twist have to be added by holding the wire, looped in the pliers and twisting.

Using the roller as a guide the width of the handle can be bend to accept the roller without touching the sides.

The last step is to bend little eyes on the tips of the handle where the roller are to be attached.

Step 4: Onions Have Layers

All the roller needs now is the tape.

First start of by adding the double sided tape to the duct tape that was put on the roller before it was cut. The double sided tape has to go all the way around and there has to be no bumps where the tape over laps, The overlapping tape has to be trimmed so that it sits flush.

Now the duct tape has to be added in backward sticky side out. Start by removing the blue protective layer on the double side tape and sticking on the duct tape.

I added about 800mm of duct tape but if you add more the roller will last longer without refilling.

Once the duct tape is on the roller, use a knife to slice thought all the layers of duct tape. Once the duct tape is all clog up the top layer can be peeled of to reveal a fresh layer. 

To finish the roller, attach the handle by removing the screw and re screwing them with the handle in place.

Step 5: The End Results

I decided to test the roller on the sofa where my dog likes to sleep on. It took a few passes to remove about half the hair on a area of about 300mm x 300mm.

Once clogged up, I just peeled back the top layer at the slice made earlier. This exposed a new layer and I can continue collecting hair and fluff.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    I always though to make something like your design. I use my hand, rolling the duct tape over it. That is not easy to use, because the tape slides toward the side.