Introduction: Duct Tape Smallet

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Here is a smallet or small wallet that can be made with little time and suplies

Step 1: Making the Base

Cover your cardboard with duct tape (doesn't need to be perfect)
trace your altoid tin on the tape
and cut on the line

Step 2: Measure

Measure the base with a credit card

Step 3: Make Pockets

cut one piece of tape a little larger than the base and one the same size
place it on the top
trim it until its nice and round
and make more and place each a little under

Step 4: Seal the Bottom

sorry i didn't take a picture
make a strip long enough to fit at the bottom
cover the other side of the tape
on each long side add a thin strip so it is sticky on the sides
put it on so it leaves a little room at the bottom
trim the corners
then cover the back to you can't see the extra tape

Step 5: Yea You Are Done

Now just put some money and cards in there and you are ready to go