Duct Tape Stellated Octahedron

Introduction: Duct Tape Stellated Octahedron

this is an instructable on how to make a stellated octahedron.

  For those who don't know what stellated means it has triangles forming points from the segments.

there is also sekeletal octahedron.  I didn't want to make them separate because I use the skeletal octahedron as the backbone of the stellated one

Step 1: Making the Units

Picture 1: What you will make.

Picture 2: Start with a peice of duct tape three times longer than how wide it is.

Picture 3: Fold a right triangle in.

Picture 4: Fold a right triangle above that.

Picture 5: Fold another right triangle in above that.

There sould be a sticky part left over.

Picture 6: stick one end to the other

Picure 7: Make 7 more.

Step 2: Assembly

Picture 1: What you should have.

Picture 2: Put tape on so a triangle sticks out.

Picture 3: using the tape, stick two modules together.

Pictures 4+5: repeat 2+3.

I forgot to take a picture of the next step, but repeat 2+3 again and tape the ends together.

Picture 6: Make another.

If you want to make it sturdy, or want to make a similar shape do the next step. if not skip them.


I didn't take pictures for this step, but i did take pictures for the final product.

Basically make another 8 modules, and tape them with the points in.

Step 4: Assembly Step 2

Now that that's done...

Picture 1: what you should have.

Picture 2: put tape on one side, like you did with assembling the previous ones.

If you made the skeletal octahedron, put it in now.

Picture 3 put the two sides together on the piece of tape you put on in picture 2

continue putting tape on the other sides

Step 5: You Did It!

...Kinda...  I'd put tape on it so it's stronger and smoother 

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