Introduction: Duct Tape Tie

This tie is 100% duct tape. It is durable and easy to make. It ties like a normal tie and sparks people's interest. Great for a casual friday or something like that!

Step 1: What You'll Need

Although this seems simple, this project requires time and dedication because duct tape is really annoying to work with
You will need:
- One Tie (Don't worry, it won't get ruined)
-A pair of scissors
-A role of Duct Tape
-A sharpie marker

Step 2: Creating the Part Which Goes Around Your Neck

This tie will be made of two pieces, a thin piece and a thicker piece. Like a typical tie, the thinner end will wrap around your neck. Here's how to do it.

From the thin end of your sample tie (aka real tie) measure a piece of tape up to where the tie begins to get thicker. The red pencil below marks where I stopped.

Then cut another piece of equsize and cover the other piece with it so neither side is sticky

Step 3: Outlining and Cutting the Tape to Fit

cover your current piece of tape with your sample (real) tie making sure that the entire "thin end" fits on the tape. Using the sharpie, carefully outline the regular tie being careful not to color your tie with the sharpie. Take your time with this one. Afterwards, cut along the outline you made.

Step 4: Reinforcing the Thin End and Covering the Edges

Since this part of the tie will experience the most "wear," it is recommended to reinforce the edges and the tie itself. Using small sections of tape, cover the edges of the tie so they are sort of rounded. Reinforcing the triangle at the end is harder but it can done. Be creative, I just used smaller pieces. :-)

Step 5: Making the Other Half

For the second half, measure out 3 long pieces of tape matching the length of the rest of the tie.

Step 6: Covering the Second Half

The second half of the tie will be covered differently than the first. First, align all three pieces of tape and secure them with 3 equally spaced smaller pieces. Then, cover the rest of the empty spaces with pieces of about the same size. In the end, it should look like the picture below.

Step 7: Outlining

As before, outline the second (bigger) half of the tie on your tape you just covered. Don't worry about straightness, you will end up cutting almost inside of your lines. Make sure no sharpie is left on your tie when it is cut out, it looks bad otherwise.

Step 8: What You Should Have

You should now have two pieces of the tie. Now, simply connect the two with tape by overlapping the thicker piece's end over the thinner's. The two ends are facing left in the picture. You may reinforce the piece you just made like the last one (recommended) but i didn't. This doesn't mean I won't though.

Step 9: Now You Have Style

Yo, u have an excellent tie now, wear it with style! Have Fun and I will be posting my full suit very soon!

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