Introduction: Duct Tape Wallet Plans

This wallet takes about an hour and a half to make and all the other tutorials i have seen have been going after speed and ease. I didn't want to spend a ton of my time making a tut that nobody would want, but if people would like a professional looking wallet like this despite the complexity and time required then i would be glad to make it.

I make it using a cutting board and x-acto knife like many others but i use 3" wide roll of duct tape for around half of it. This is a useful size to use considering an average wallet's height is about 3".

In all it has 4 card slots + 2 larger card slots and a money pocket. It is the most average wallet you can find but it is made of duct tape, unlike most duct tape wallet that go crazy and try to add an ipod pocket and 20 card slots and make it "durable". It is really thin, 1/4" while folded at the thickest getting down to around 1/8" at the thinnest. It is duct tape though so it is still durable. NO pockets have any stickiness inside of them when it is complete, this is part of what makes it durable.

the outside is longer than the inside so that it folds nicer. This is one of the many designs i have made and i would show more but most of my wallets got stolen when i took them to school for a speech presentation. In the past i made pac-man, various woven wallet, different stripe patterns, tetris, and various other things