Introduction: Duct Tape Water Bottle Holder

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This is a water bottle holder made out of about 2 metres of duct tape. It has 2 handles for ease of use, one is a shoulder strap and the other is a smaller handle. The water bottle does not fall out if it is tipped upside down, as it is stuck with duct tape. This water bottle holder can be hung on to trees or tied to a rucksac when not in use. This water bottle holder is ideal for the out doors as it is waterproof, and virtually indestructable.

To make it, you will need....

Aprox. 2 metres of duct tape
A water bottle
A small piece of Card

First, cut the card into a strip that goes 1/3 of the way up the water bottle, when it is wrapped in a circle around the base, and stick it on to the bottle. Then wrap duct tape around the rest of the bottle. To make straps, cut a piece of duct tape to the length that you need and fold it in half across te width of it. Then attach your strap with more duct tape.
Voila! A duct tape water bottle is now yours!

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