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Introduction: Ducttape Corset

It's widely know that duct tape can fix anything, but also you can make almost anything new out of it - clothes for example.

In this instructable I'll show how to make a corset out of an old t-shirt and duct tape. The original design comes from the book 'Anti-craft' (also check the site: http://www.theanticraft.com/), then I added some ideas of my own.

And don't forget: duct tape is like the force - it has a dark side and a light side and it holds the galaxy together...

Step 1: Materials

What do you need? Not that much...

  1. an old shirt
  2. duct tape extra strong
  3. duct tape in the colour you'd like the corset to be
  4. optional duct tape in an extra colour for the edges
  5. grommets
  6. ribbon / lace
  7. wallpaper samples
  1. scissors
  2. grommet tool
  3. hammer
  4. hole puncher
Also a good friend to help you is not a luxury with this instructable.

In this version I made two small pockets on the garment. It's easy to make it without, but if you want the pockets make sure you use a shirt that's a bit longer than the garment is going to be - you will need it to make the lining of the pockets: it has to be as much longer than the corset as the size you want the pockets to be.

Step 2: Start Taping...

Starting at the top, begin to tape yourself in (actually, for this part the help of a friend is pretty useful, it's almost impossible to do it yourself).

First you use the extra strong duct tape, this is the basic layer and won't be visible when you're done. After this you start the second layer in the colour you want the corset to be.

When taping, be careful not to tape yourself in to tight. I found it's really easy to make it to tight and that won't be comfortable at all when you wear it.

Step 3: And Cut

When you're done with the second layer it's time to cut open the corset. It's quite simple, but be careful not to cut yourself. Also think beforehand where you want the opening to be. This one has it at the front - so I can put it on myself. You might like an opening at the back better, so then you cut open the back. I found it easiest to start cutting from the bottom to the top - but do however you think fit.

When it's cut open, you can start to cut of the parts of the shirt that stick out - but not all if you want to make the pockets. For the pockets you'll need the part of the shirt at the bottom. Leave this part on for now.

Step 4: The Pockets

First decide where you want the pockets to be and how big they will be. For the fronts of the pockets I used samples of wallpaper from my local hardware store. Cut them at the size you want the pockets and put them on the corset. Then cut the remains of the shirt at the right size (see picture 1) but leave them attached at the bottom.

When you've done this, fold the shirt over the garment and put the sample on top of it. Use duct tape to attach the top of the sample to the top of the piece of the shirt, and then attach both sides of the pocket to the garment - also using duct tape. At the picture I outlined the different pieces of duct tape I used on the pocket. The top one is folded over the top of the wallpaper sample and is used to attach the wallpaper sample to the piece of the shirt. At the bottom part there is also duct tape - this will be put on in the next step.

Repeat this for the second pocket.

Step 5: Closing Up the Edges

Right now the edges of the garment are not quite stable yet. So we get the duct tape again, and start finishing the garment. For the top and bottom of the garment I used the same colour as the rest of the corset.

Take a long piece of duct tape (or roll out while you work) and tape along the top edge of the corset. Be sure to only tape half of the tape's width to the front. When you've worked you're way from one side to the other, fold the other half over and tape to the back of the garment. For this part: watch the pictures - it sounds more complicated then it actually is.

Repeat for the bottom part and the sides of the opening. For the sides of the opening I used the silver coloured duct tape I also used for the first layer.

Step 6: Last But Not Least

Now it's time to take out the grommets, grommet tool and the hammer. Put the grommets at the places you want them to be before you start to attach them. Be careful that the holes at both sides are at the same height. It  will look funny if they're not. I used a paper hole punch for making the holes for the grommets but off course a single hole punch that's purpose build will be just as easy... But be sure the hole you're going to punch is the right size for the grommets.

Then put the back and front piece of the grommet in the grommet tool and put it over the hole you made. Press tight and then use the hammer to close the grommet. Repeat until you have the amount of holes you want.

Step 7: Finishing

Get the ribbon or laces you want to use to close the corset, put them through the hole's - and that's that. You're new corset is ready for wearing.

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    The Good Old Days
    The Good Old Days

    8 years ago

    This is great I wanted to make a over bust steam punk corset but I am a poor sewer and don't have a sewing machine. My solution DUCK TAPE so I searched and fOund this, thx a lot. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Can't wait! This looks like much more fun than an outrageously expensive store bought "play" corset!


    11 years ago on Step 7

    This isn't going to be washable, is it? Seems like it may be a one-time use, especially as duct tape doesn't breathe and you're likely to sweat a decent bit.

    Looks good, but considering my critique, does it seem worth it? Sorry to be a downer, although if you do have a solution for washing it, five stars :)


    12 years ago on Step 7

    this is a really awesome idea! did you happen to do this for some kind of cosplay?


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    not really, just for the fun and challenge of it actually. But I hope there'll be a costume party or anything soon so I can try it out. : )