Introduction: Duet Bracelet Tutorial

- 2 tulip bead caps
- 1 spring ring clasp, 9 mm
- 2 knot covers
- 2 tube crimps, size 2
- 58 black round beads, 6 mm
- 58 red round beads, 6 mm
- 48 inches of .014 beading wire, cut into 4-12 inch pieces

- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
- Wire cutters

Click Here for a printable version of this tutorial

Finished length 8 inches. Note, this bracelet must be a bit long to fit correctly.

Step 1: Thread Beads Onto Wire Then Through Bead Cap

String 29 red beads onto one strand of the beading wire. Clamp ends of beading with bead stoppers. Repeat to string second strand of wire with remaining 29 red beads. Thread both ends of both strands through a tulip bead cap, pulling the strands tightly.

Step 2: Knot and Crimp Wires

Thread all four strand ends through a knot cover and divide into two groups of two strands each. Tie the strands in a square knot. Thread the ends of the strands through a crimp and pull the crimp down over the knot. Using your chain nose pliers flatten the crimp. Trim excess wire with knot cutters.

Step 3: Repeat Threading the Other Stand of Beads and Add Clasp

String both strands of the black beads in a similar manner. Before fitting the black bead strands into the tulip bead cap thread both strands of black beads through the loop created by red bead strands. Finish the black bead strands as you finished the red strands Attach the clasp to the knot cover using chain nose pliers.