Introduction: Duet Dryer Ribbon Cables

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  • Replace all three ribbon cables for less than $20
  • Cables can be replaced in about an hour

My duet dryer was experiencing erratic behavior. The drum light always worked. When the dryer worked, it would dry clothes on any cycle correctly and all of the diagnostics in the service manual would work. After sitting, the control panel would often be unresponsive until the dryer was unplugged for a while then plugged back in again, then it would work normally for a few loads. A few times the display was dim or the control panel would become unresponsive during a run. The problem was narrowed down to the ribbon cables or the control panel. The problem is you cannot buy just the ribbon cables. Here is how to replace the cables with remote control hobby cables.

NOTE: Replacing the cables did not fix my dryer, my control panel had bad solder joints which I used a heat gun to fix. See Instructable 'Duet Dryer Control Panel Fix'.

Step 1: Order and Remove the Cables

Order the Cables

I bought the cables from HobbyKing, they shipped from Oregon and took about 3 days to arrive. Total with standard shipping was about $18.50. I do not recommend ordering from HobbyKing if any of the cables are out of stock, you will likely be waiting a very long time.

Buy at least 4, consider buying a fifth for a spare Description: HobbyKing Super Clean RC Female to Female Extension set (150mm) , Item #: 258000155-0 Unit price: $1.61 USD Qty: 5 Amount: $8.05 USD

But one 10 pack, you will have 3 spare cables. Description: 45CM Servo Lead Extension (JR) 26AWG (10pcs/set) , Item #: AM2002-45x10 Unit price: $5.04 USD Qty: 1

Remove the Cables

UNPLUG YOUR DRYER! There are lethal voltages inside.

Follow this video but STOP AT 2:05, just after disconnecting the ribbon cables. The video shows you how to access and remove the ribbon cables from the control BOARD. After you remove them from the control BOARD, remove the 4 screws holding on the control PANEL.

Duet Dryer Control Board (part #WP8546219) - How To Replace

  • Remove long white 14 pin ribbon cable
  • Remove long white 6 pin ribbon cable
  • Remove short white 15 pin ribbon cable

Step 2: Replace the Short Ribbon Cable

Start with the short ribbon cable, put multiple cables together to make up a 15 wide cable. Plug in both ends and zip tie it down in the middle for strain relief.

Step 3: Replace the Long Ribbon Cables

Use the cables and extensions to make a long 6 pin replacement cable. For the long 14 pin extension cable you will need to cut one end off a 3 pin extension cable so that it is only 14 pins. See the pictures 2 and 3.

Number both ends of the cables so you don't cross any. I put lines on each group of 3 to keep them straight.

After all the cables are plugged in put some hot melt glue on the wires only to keep individual wires from vibrating out. Add a few zip ties for strain relief. See pictures 5,6,7.