Introduction: Dumbbell Rack

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Dumbbell rack for 8 pairs of dumbbells.

I started the build by measuring my dumbbells to get a rough estimate of the size of the build. I only had room for a 1100mm (~43 inches) wide rack.


- Wood: 48x98mm Spruce. (~2€/m here)

- 6mm birch dowels

- Glue: Titebond III

- Some screws for the lower tray


- Miter saw

- Drill Press

- Cordless Drill (6mm bit)

- Cordless Router

- Sander

Step 1: Planning

The structure and basic idea are presented in the pictures above. 2 L-shaped beams make a slightly tilted tray for the dumbbells. The lower tray has 3 supporting links between the beams while the upper one only has 2. All of the joints were made with dowels and glue. The lower tray has 5 screws in it just to make sure it stays intact.

Step 2: The Assembly

The trays are structurally identical except of the support link in the middle on the lower tray. Also the the upper tray is a bit narrower due to the smaller dumbbells on it.

2 vertical beams link them together. The upper tray is held in place with 8 dowels and Titebond 3 glue. With other glues I would have built another support beam for the upper tray. But since it was able to withstand my weight (100kg/220lbs) additional support was deemed unnecessary.

Step 3: Step 3: Use It

As it is more of a tool than a piece of furniture I did not coat or treat the wood in any way.

At the moment the lower rack has 120kg (~265lbs) weight on it and upper has 60kg(~132lbs).

I built this about a half year ago and atleast as of now the upper tray hasn't collapsed :)

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