Introduction: Dumbbells Out of Empty Soda Bottles - DIY

Want to work out in the comfort of your own home without spending thousands of dollars on a variety of dumbbells? Or maybe you just need a new craft project to take on.

We'll provide you instructions on making a dumbbell set out of empty soda bottles. The bonus to this set is that you can adjust the weight by adding or subtracting contents from the bottles.

Step 1:

2 Liter Soda Bottle x2
1" diameter PVC pipe - 7" long - x2
1" diameter PVC pipe - 8" long - x1

1" PVC coupler- x2
Hot Glue
Duct Tape
Black spray paint (optional)

Utility knife
Hot glue gun

Step 2:

Rinse out empty bottles with water and remove labels

Step 3:

Using utility knife and/or scissors, cut 1 in diameter hole through middle of bottle (see photos for more clarification. Repeat on second bottle.

**It may help to use your PVC piece as a stencil, you will want this pipe to fit snuggly into hole.**

Step 4:

Using utility knife and/or scissors, cut a second 1 in diameter hole in the bottle exactly opposite the first hole. Repeat on second bottle.

**It may help to use the PVC pipe as a stencil as seen in the photos**

Step 5:

Take 7" long piece of PVC and insert it through the bottle via the two holes evenly. See photos for further clarification. Repeat with second bottle.

Step 6:

Use hot glue on both sides of the bottle to secure the pipe fit. Attempt to make the fitting as air tight as possible but don't waste too much effort as perfect air tightness is difficult to achieve. Repeat with second bottle.

Step 7:

Connect PVC pipe extender on one end of the bottle. Repeat with second bottle.

Step 8:

Connect each bottle to either side of the 8" long PVC piece. The 8" long piece will serve as the handle.

Step 9:

Wrap the handle in duct tape for additional grip and comfort

Step 10:

Fill bottles with sand. More sand = more weight.

FIY - 1 Liter of sand = 4 lbs

Therefore, 2 full bottles will create about a 16 pound dumbbell.

**If you would like to fill your bottle weights with liquid, you must create an air tight seal in step 6 to avoid leaking. To do this I would recommend replacing the hot glue with Flex Seal.**

Step 11:


Spray painting the bottles will give a cleaner look.

Step 12:

Work harder!

Break a sweat in the comfort of your own home.

**If you need heavier weights, this design allows you to connect a second pair of bottles, using 2 more couplers, onto your dumbbell to add about double to weight**