Duncan Yo-Yo Hack (1 Into 2)

Introduction: Duncan Yo-Yo Hack (1 Into 2)

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In this instructables I will show you how to improve your Duncan butterfly
Yo- Yo and make another Yo-Yo in the process.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

You will need...
A Duncan Yo-Yo
A small screwdriver or knife
Super glue
(Optional) Lighter

Step 2: Take Off the Cap

Take a small screw driver or knife and carefully pry off the cap of the Yo-Yo on each side. There is what looks like a bubble where the notch that you pry it off with is.

Step 3: (Optional) Light Rough Edges Edges

If there are rough edges on the cap or your Yo-Yo you can melt them down.

Step 4: Glue the Caps Together

Super glue the notches on the insides of the caps together.

Step 5: Add the String

1. Cut the string from your hips to the ground and add 4 inches.
2. Tie a loop in each side.
3. Make a slip knot by making a loop and putting it through the tied loop.
4. Put the slip knot around the Yo-Yo.

Step 6: Add Weight

Add two washers to the cap Yo-Yo in the center of each side. This adds weight to make it go better, and it makes it look cool.

Step 7: Play With Your New Yo-Yo

Your done. You have Made a Yo-Yo and also improved your original Yo-Yo by taking away weight and making it more controllable.

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