Introduction: Duplicating a Remote

In this instructables I will show how to create a copy of any IR Remote to phone using Arduino

This can be used to make duplicates of any IR Remotes


Arduino UNO (or any arduino)
IR Reciever TSOP1838 ( or any other IR reciever)
Jumper wires

A Smartphone with IR Blaster

Step 1: Program the Arduino

For this you will need Arduino IDE and the IRRemote library

Arduino IDE :
IRremote Library:

Download and install IRremote library

Now connect the Arduino to PC

Then click File > Examples > IRremote > IRrecvDumpV2

Select the Correct Board Type and port in the tools menu

Now Click upload and wait for the process to finish

Step 2: Set Up the Circuit

Now connect the reciever to arduino according to the schematics given above
Note:- The pinout of the reciver can vary check on internet for correct pinout for your reciever. Connecting the reciever incorrectly can damage it

OUT --> Arduino pin 11
VCC --> Arduino 5V
GND --> Arduino GND

After connecting everything connect Arduino to PC and open serial monitor

Step 3: Install the Irplus App and Create Remote

Download the irplus app on your phone

irplus :

After installing the app open the app

In the menu tap on ADD
Now select a remote
here I choose NEC from the Brand and leave the rest as default

Click the tick on top right corner

Now you will get a remote with some buttons

To edit select menu > edit
You can move the buttons by tap and draging it
You can edit the button by tapping it
To delete a button drag it to the recycle icon on top
To create a button drag the new button icon into the remote

After editing the remote click on the tick on top right corner

Step 4: Export the Remote

After creating the remote layout we need to export it

on irplus app tap menu > export
then choose file
then choode a location and export

Now connect your phone to PC and copy the exported file to a location on PC ( eg: Desktop)

Step 5: Clone the Remote

Now we have the layout file we need to add the ir codes from the remote
This layout file uses a format called WINLIRC

To get the ir codes, take the remote you want to copy
Point it at the arduino reciver and press a button

Now you'll see the output on the serial monitor
It's lengthy
you dont need the whole output

In the output you'll see a line starting with " unsigned int rawData "

Copy everything inside the brackets and paste it into a text editor
Now remove all coma ( , ) from the text
An easy way for this would be to use the "Find and Replace" in the text editor
Now you'll have a bunch of space seperated numbers

open the exported file and copy this number into the button tag as shown in the image above

Repeat this steps for all the buttons

after doing it for all button save the file

Step 6: Import the Remote

Connect your phone to PC and copy the Edited irplus file to the phone

Open ir plus app and delete the existing remote
Menu > REMOVE > OK

Now import the edited file into the app
and choose the edited file

Now the remote is ready to use

Step 7: Final

I hope you find this instructable interesting

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