Introduction: Durable Cheap PVC Soccer Goal

I love soccer and over the weekend I wanted to play a soccer game with my friends, but I only had one goal. Using the goal I already had and pictures from the internet I built one out of PVC pipe.  This is a very durable light weight goal.  It was an easy project and it cost very little.  I would also like to point out that this is my first Instructables.  If you have any questions, advice, or tips on how I can improve please leave it in the comments.

Step 1: Tools and Materials Needed

I had all of the tools needed to build this and I had PVC cement lying around, so the only thing that I had to buy was the PVC pipe. You can get PVC pipe at most building stores or hardware stores.  I got my PVC at the Home Depot.  The price next to the part was the price that I paid at Home Depot, but it may vary depending on what store you go to.

Tools needed for this project
- Any type of saw that can cut PVC I used a chop saw but a hand saw will work
- pencil, pen or Sharpie
- Tape Measure

Materials Needed
The goal is made from 1-1/2" inch PVC with fittings.

- four 1-1/2"in. x 10'ft. PVC pipes  $4.90 each

- four 1-1/2"in. PVC Tees  $1.96 each

- six 1-1/2"in. PVC 90-degree Elbows  $1.56 each

- PVC Purple Primer and Solvent Cement  $7.47

Total cost for all Materials-  $44.27. For me this project only costed $31.90 because I had some materials already.

Step 2: Cutting Your Pieces

The first step to building your goal is marking all of the pieces and cutting them.  Below is a list of cuts and what they are for on the goal. To get the most use out of your four PVC pipes you should refer to the picture above.  Each line represents one PVC pipe.  After you cut each part I found it helpful to label what piece it is so later when assembling it will be easier.  The pieces that are joints are what will be used to connect the elbows to the tee fittings.

2 Crossbars 5' 2¼''
2 Back 4' 4½''
2 Post  3' 9½''
2 Side  2' 1½''
4 Joint 2¼''
4 Tee fittings
6 L fittings

Step 3: Make Sure You Have All of Your Pieces.

After you cut all of your pieces and label them you should lay them out and make sure you have all of your pieces. 

Step 4: Assembling Your Goal

After you cut all of your pieces you want to dry fit the goal this means put the goal together but don't glue it. The pictures above show how to assemble the goal step by step. 

Step 1

Take one side piece two elbows and one joint.  Start by attaching both elbows to the side piece as seen above. Then attach the joint piece to the elbow. After you do this repeat again on the other side. 

Step 5: Step 2

step 2

Add a Tee fitting to the joint pieces that you put together in the previous step then repeat on the other side

Step 6: Step 3

step 3

Connect the crossbar to the two tee fittings 

Step 7: Step 4

step 4

Connect the posts to the elbows facing upwards

Step 8: Step 5

step 5

connect the last elbows to the posts facing inward then add a joint to the end of the elbow

Step 9: Step 6

step 6

attached the Tee fittings to the joint make sure that the t is facing towards the other Tee fittings you put on earlier

Step 10: Step 7

step 7

Connect the crossbar to the Tee fittings you just put in.

Step 11: Step 8

step 8

Connect the two back pieces to the Tee Fittings.

Step 12: Glueing

Your goal should look like the goal in the picture above. If it does not then you need to go back and find out where you messed up. If your goal does look like the one below then you should start glueing it together.  To glue the goal you need to remove the piece you are going to glue apply the purple prime then put glue on the piece and put it back together.  Be quick with glue because it dries fast. You should glue this outdoors because of the fumes.  After all of the pieces have been glued let the goal fully cure overnight.  

Step 13: Finishing Touches

Now that your goal is done you need to get a net.  You can find nets online pretty easily. Below is a link to ebay where I found a net for only $8. I hope you enjoyed if you have any questions leave them in the comments and I will try to reply as soon as possible thanks.

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