Introduction: Durable Duct Tape Wallet

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Well, I know that there happens to be 5,000 duct tape wallet Instructables out there, so I thought, why make one? But my original duct tape wallet I made (my first one ever), was made over three years ago, never repaired, and only a few small rips in the notebook/card pocket (which actually made it easier to use), and I still keep a duct tape notebook and my $500 life savings in it.

For V2, I'll be using colored duct-tape, which *IS* the same size and shape as the regular stuff, even though it doesn't look it.

Step 1: What You'll Need

You will need:
-One roll of Duct Tape
-Scissors (or just rip the tape)
-Money (optional XD)

Step 2: The Structure Part 1

This is the step where you create the padding used to make the basic part of the wallet. You need four of these.... I'll call them sheets.

To do this, you need to figure out how wide you want your wallet. For mine, I used a bit less than 4 inches.

Double your measurement from before. In my case, I get a bit less than 8 inches. Cut off a piece of tape that long.
Fold your tape in half. Be careful, as it wrinkles easily. And dont sweat on it to much when holding it, it quickly starts to lose its stickiness.

Repeat the above 4 times.

Step 3: The Structure Part 2

Lay out 2 of the sheets barely overlapping. Put a piece of duct tape as long as what you have been using (for me 8 inches) on one edge, and wrap until you go all the way around.

Repeat until you have 2 'Double Sheets'

Step 4: The Structure Part 3

Lay your two double sheets long end (the end measuring 4 inches) to long end with a bit of space between them.

Take a piece of duct Tape (in my case 4 inches long) lay lay it to connect the two sheets. Do this only on the side you want to be the outside.

After this is done, it should have a good flap to it.

Step 5: Change Pocket

This is the big pocket on my other wallet.

First, take you tape and make a (in my case) 4-inch long doughnut with it. Make another. Place one doughnut so that it touches the bottom edge of the wallet place the other to be a bit inside it, but the whole bottom half should be covered.

Than cover it with two long strips of duct tape. Make sure a bit of the bottom strip folds over and covers the bottom of the change pocket.

Step 6: Bill Pockets

Made in generally the same way as the change pocket. In my original design I had three, but I actually suggest only making two as the smallest gets in the way of the wallet closing.

The top one is made from two strips of duct tape (overlapped some) in the same way as the change pocket. The bottom one is made right on top of the first one and made from one strip.

After making the pockets, you'll probably want to cut them down a bit.

Step 7: Notebook/ Credit Card Pocket

This one is a bit difficult, so....

First, we'll need to make two more 'sheets'. Yeah.... except make them a bit shorter.

(Right here I ran out of red, so I switched to yellow)
Tape over the ends.

Here comes the tricky bit. Lay it down so that the edge that would be the bottom is touching the sticky middle bit. Tape that down. Flip the pocket and tape the other side too.

Step 8: The Fastener

This is what closes the wallet. There are a lot of designs out there, it you hate mine, pick another. Personally, I love mine. But I'm biased.

First, take a piece of tape. fold it over so that there's only about 3/4 of an inch of stickiness showing. Cut a slit in it. Then attach it to the wallet so that it can fold over to the other side.

Take another piece of tape and fold it into a stick. Poke it through the thing that you made earlier and tape it to the other side of the wallet. It should be able to stick through the slit in the other thing (lol). This will fasten your wallet shut.

Step 9: The End.