Dust Collection Pipe Bracket

Introduction: Dust Collection Pipe Bracket

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Purchasing a bracket for plumbing your dust collection hose can be a costly endeavor. Making your own brackets is definitely a more cost effective way to accomplish this task. I figured if I used a cut off from the pipe itself, I could make a bracket to hold the dust collection pipe

Step 1: Build Ans Install Video

Please check out my build video regarding making and installing this bracket

Step 2: Cut a Piece Off Pipe

* Cut a piece of pipe (same pipe you are using to Plumb your dust collection) to 3 inches long.

If you do not own a miter saw you can use a hacksaw.

Step 3: Making the Bracket

*Make a mark on the side of the 3 inch piece of pipe, then approximate about a third of the circumference and make a second mark.

*Make a cut on both lines.

*You should now have two pieces : One piece should be about 2/3 and one piece about 1/3 of the pipe.

*The piece of pipe that is 2/3 of a ring will be your bracket, discard the piece that is 1/3 of a ring.

Step 4: Install the Bracket

I used a kreg screw to install the brackets. This type of crew has a built in washer. If you do not have a kreg screw a standard screw with a washer can be used.

Locate the studs on the wall and drive 2 screws through the bracket and into the studs.

Repeats this step as many times as needed to plumb your dust collection pipe

Step 5: Plumb Dust Collection Pipe

Once you have made and installed all the necessary brackets, simply place your dust collection pipe where you need it and snap the pipe into the brackets.

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    5 years ago

    When I plumbed my shop for dust collection, I used plastic pallet strapping the I got from the home center yard for free, figuring I'd beef it up later when I had more time. I never did since it worked well enough for the job, but I like the looks of your design, very professional.

    Moy perez woodshop
    Moy perez woodshop

    Reply 5 years ago

    thank you, yes it seems to do the job