Introduction: Dutch Door for Child's Playhouse

If you are thinking about building a dutch door for your house use this guide as a reference and not to the exact measurements, This is a door for a child's playhouse. Now lets get started.

Step 1: Materials

You are going to need 4 door hinges, I would recommend some pretty sturdy ones, You are also going to need 5 2x4s. (We also used a slanted wood slide away door, but this is optional.)

Step 2: Two Boxes

You will need to cut 8 2x4s to 2' , 3" .

You will also need to cut the cross beams 3' , 4".

Step 3: Optional Slideaway Door

The height of the slide away door cut should be 2' , 3".

And you will want to hammer the nails in carefully putting a nail in each corner.

Step 4: Assemble Everything

Now you have the two halves of the door.

For the cross beams you will need to cut them at 90 degree angles from the middle of the ends of the 2x4s and them place them in the top half.

All you have left to do is put the hinges on and stick it in the frame.