Introduction: Dutch Crown Braid for Long Hair.

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Duch braids are my favorite hair styles, 'cos they are easy to do, look fantastic all day and are VERY comfy.

This one's looking a bit old fashioned, but you can make it up with fancy hair pins, ribbon or what ever strikes you fancy.

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Step 1: What You'll Need

What you'll need:
- long hair, at least at mid-shoulder length
- rat tail comb
- a ponytail holder which clor matches to your hairs color
- three large hair clips
- some hair pins

Step 2: First Parting

Take your comb and make a straight part in the middle from your forehead to your spine.

Step 3: Make a Second Part

Make a second part across your head from ear to ear.

You should have two parts going crosswise, dividing your hair into four equal sections.

Step 4: Pin Up Three Sections.

Pin up three of the four sections you did:
the right back section, the left back section and the left front section.
Don't worry if you're looking like an idiot now ;-)...

Step 5: Start Braiding

Now start to braid!
Take a strand of your dangling section and divide it into three strands.
Take one of the outer strands and put it under your middle strand.
Now grab the other outer section and put it under the new middle strand.
Take the outer section you've started with and add some hair.
Again, put it under your middle strand.
And again with the other side...
And again and again, 'til you can't add more hair from this section.

Step 6: Unclip the Second Section of Hair

And braid further as established.

Following the head's curve, you will need to change your hand position - that's the most difficult step in crown braiding in my opinion.
Don't be afraid! Its all about practice! ^_^

Step 7: Unclip the Third Section

Hey, now you're almost done!

Unclip the following section and braid as you did in the last few steps.
Your braid should form a 3/4 ring around your head now.

Step 8: And the Last Section...

Unclip your last section of hair and braid as established, until you can't add hair to your strands.

Your braid should form a whole ring around your head now.

Step 9: We're Almost Done

Now that you can't add more ahir to your strands, braid as established WITHOUT adding hair.

Bind off.

You should have a braided ring 'round your head and a dangling long braid.

Step 10: Pinning Up

Take your dangling braid and lay it, following the braided ring's curve, flat against your braided crown.

Pin it with some hair pins and tuck the ends under the braid.

And now you have a Dutch braided crown!

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