Introduction: Dvd Laser Without Driver

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In this instructable,i will show you how to make a laser that burns,without a driver

Step 1: Dissembling the Dvd Writer

You need to take the covr off,then take out all the circuit boards unil you see the moving part.That is were the laser is,and you should remove it from the case

Step 2: Getting the Laser

You need to remove the plate,then break the adhesive that the laser is holded.You should get the laser out of the old case.

Step 3: Solder Wires to the Laser

Solder the negative wire to the larger pad,and the positive wire to the smaller pad

Step 4: Making a New Enclosure

You need to put the laser in a heat sink.Since there is no driver,the laser will get hot and evenualy burn.IF you put it in a heatsink,the laser will not get as hot.Then you need to make a lense to focus the laser.I took the lense from the same dvd writer and glued it to some wood sticks.

Step 5: Testing

Now you can connect the laser to two AA batteris in series.The output voltage should be 3V.

Step 6: You Are Done

If the laser lights up,then you have don everything corectly.If you wold like to see more projects,check out my youtube chanel:

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