Introduction: Dwarf Stone Golem

In world of warcraft , the stone golems were created by the dwarfs of Azeroth to protect their races and their tresaures. we made a small model of this golem using cardboard.

Step 1: Material:

we gather the materiels:

1-white glue




Step 2: Crafting the Feet

We draw the shape of the feet on cardboard and we cut a strip to surround the outside perimeter.The toes are made from folding the paper from side and front.The other parts of the feet are mounted on the perimeter strip.We cut strips on other thicker cardbord to make the upper part of his shoe.

Step 3: Waist and Knees

The knees are crafted from square cards with slots . We fold and put some glue to obtain cylindrical shape.

For the waist we craft the belt with thick strips of 25 mm of width .

Step 4: The Torso,shoulders and Beard

The belt is gonna hold all the parts of the buste, we begin by drawing the shape of the torso and the shoulders are made with the thiker cardboard, we used also for the beard,we don't forget the inscriptions on the strips(ancient dwarven runes).

Step 5: Arm

Cylindrical surface that links between the hand and torso. Bigger cylinders for the hands surrounded by strips from the thicker cardboard.All the parts are linked with white glue from inside.

For the fingers,we split square into 3 rows and we make slots at different points for the finger folding. There is small

pyramid in the center to hold the fingers with small tilt.

Step 6: Head

For the head we have to create round surfaces , we add a headband with inscriptions, a small strip for the noise at the center and moustache.

2 small cylinders to put led lights inside.

Step 7:

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