Dwarf Fortress in a Text Only Environment (Ubuntu) (no Sound)




Introduction: Dwarf Fortress in a Text Only Environment (Ubuntu) (no Sound)

Hey, for those who test this out, could you leave a comment saying if it didn't work, and some system information?  Or how about ways to improve, or grammar errors that I have?

I have surfed the net, and there appears many ways to do this, but most seemed ridiculously unnecessary.  So I tried at it for a little while and I have got it working (no sound).

For this I used Ubuntu Server LTS 12.04

To start, acquire:
- A system running Linux OS (Only tested with Ubuntu Server LTS 12.04)
- Dwarf fortress SDL for linux
- internet connection (Unless troubleshooting)

Step 1: Edit DF's Settings

First, let's edit out init.txt file for DF so that it will try to run in a text only environment (I prefer nano, as I can see the options of commands I can enter, unlike vim)

$ nano /DF_Linux/data/init/init.txt

Scroll down and set:

and now set (unless you know how to get it working):

If you don't change the sound, status reports show up during game all over the screen depending where the now invisible cursor is (It's unplayable by my standards).

I believe that is all you need to edit, but I am too lazy to do tests for science, so here is what else I changed:
and for good measure

Alright, so now save and exit (ctrl+o to save, follow onscreen instructions, then ctrl+x to exit)

Step 2: Installing Necessary Files

Run a test to see if it works (./df in your main DF directory).  If you are like me it will say it could not find directory libsdl-1.2.so.0 or something along those lines.

So, there is probably a better way to do this (as in more individual files), but i don't know how to edit my apt-get options in such a way as to download individual files, so I just download the bulk, and save the time of trial and error.

$ sudo apt-get install ia32-libs-multiarch

With that done Dwarf Fortress should run!  Have fun! :)

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Metalyc, I realize that this is a few months after this walkthrough was posted. I'm getting a different error than you are. Any time I try to ./df if the df_linux folder. I get the following message: ./df: 6: ./df: ./libs/Dwarf_Fortress: not found.
    I have tried chmoding +x on both the ./df and on the Dwarf_Fortress file its self. I have even edited the ./df script to look where the file is actually located (instead of just doing ./libs/Dwarf_Fortress it does ./home/*username*/df_linux/libs) Any ideas as to what it might be?