Introduction: Dyeing a Baseball Glove

This is not my work. All work was done by Dan Davis of Davis Relacing. I am just compiling pictures from a Facebook post that Dan made and organizing it so it will be easier to understand. Hope I do it some justice.

Step 1: Disassemble Glove

Remove all lace, tags and padding(if possible)

Step 2: Take Pictures

You want to have something to compare your finish product with!

Step 3: Clean

Clean with a good cleaner and sponge. You must get all traces of dirt off the glove! You may need to use a scrubber to gently remove sheen and tar buildup. Then let it dry! This is a must. It must be completely dry before the next step.

Step 4: Wipe It Down

Wipe glove down 2-3 times with liberal amounts of rubbing alcohol to remove
any final traces of grease, etc. that could prevent proper dye penetration. *Use a new, clean sponge for this step. Then let it dry completely again!

Step 5:

Dye glove following manufacturer's directions. I've used Tandy Eco-flo and Fiebings dye with similar results. I use a clean sponge to carefully apply dye over entire surface. Use a fine paintbrush for detail areas such as around stitching or logos.

Step 6: Hang & Dry

Hang glove to dry overnight. Did you remember to wear gloves?

Step 7: Prep for Sealer

Time to prep for sealing. When the glove has received the appropriate number of coats for your leather coverage or manufacturer's directions, you must remove any excess dye that did not penetrate.

Using a soft rag or lambs wool, buff any excess dye residue from the entire glove. Buff over the glove in one direction, then go over it again in another direction. * if you don't remove the excess, you may experience problems with the sealer and/or dye may rub off

Step 8: Detail

DETAIL: rag after wiping. Notice the excess dye. You must wipe/buff the glove until no more dye is removed on a clean portion of your rag!

Step 9: Apply Sealer

After the glove has dried and all excess dye has been removed, follow manufacturers directions on your sealer.

*I prefer Tandy Eco-Flo Satin Shene for its ease of use, water cleanup, and soft shine to the finished glove.

After it completely dries, buff with a soft cloth to bring an even finish to the glove surface

Step 10: Relace

Relace your glove & enjoy!