Dying to Listen

Introduction: Dying to Listen

Project Dying to Listen

A Coffin for Books and a Vinyl Collector.

Step 1: Step 1: Rough Draft

The Story Behind the Coffin is that it was a Wedding Gift for my Wife. She originally wanted a Coffin Shelf for Jewelry and instead of that I made it for our Vinyl Collection. She later on got the Jewelry Coffin she wanted as Well.

Step 2: Drawing

Here is the Drawing File

Step 3: Making Of

Tools Used:

Only a Chop saw and a Skill saw for the Back.

Supplies are:

PDF Shelf Wood and then Pained it Black.

The Brackets To hold angles in Place.

Black Drywall Screws. (wood works better ,but the Drywall Screws are already Black.

Step 4: Installing Brackets

Bend the Brackets to the Angle you need.

Step 5: Fin

Final Product.

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