Introduction: Dystopian Speakers and Practice Amp

My main intent with this project for Instructables was to design and build a few speakers and maybe a small powered guitar practice amp while experimenting and playing with concrete. I hope to produce a few speakers that are in keeping with a “constructivist” (for want of a better term… maybe “de”-constructivist is better. I’ve never been one much for names.) design aesthetic of which I am rather fond.


My professional experience is in set and prop design for theatre and film. I have worked in positions from painter and “propmaker” (carpenter in the film business lingo) to Set Designer (in theatre) to Production Designer in feature films. One of the main design and decoration tenets common to both areas is “texture”. The eye delights in texture and texture gives light something to play with as well. I am always looking for ways to add texture to surfaces… albeit physically or with paint techniques. (Nothing is more boring for an audience to look at than a plain featureless wall. Even one that is textured with a spatter pant job is visually quite tedious.)


Secondarily, I have amassed, through the years, a rather large amount of materials for building various projects. My partner calls the inventory “a bunch of crap”. While she is most probably correct in this description, it is my intent to use as much of my ‘crap” to build these instructables. Outside of concrete and a few bit of hardware, most everything is reused materials.


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